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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Tired and agitated...

I have been sat at this computer for far too long searching around for things to read.I am feeling really unsettled and agitated and can't settle for some reason.It feels a little bit like I get prior to a period,not had one of those for around 9 months so if it comes it could be a doozy!

I decided I would write something,not too sure what will come out,may not be that interesting ;-)

Milly's room is now painted and the furniture is also painted and has gone into her room.It is finally off the dining table HURRAH!!

Alan has had to touch up in places.The dining room is not the brightest of rooms and I missed bits on a couple of the bits of furniture.I think if they were not wet I would be up there sorting it out and trying to get the house back in some kind of order.The spare room is full to the brim with stuff from Emily's room and the landing has accumulated ironing,bedding and basically anything that would have been put away in the spare room but can't be because of the boxes of toys etc.Plus when there is mess it tends to attract mess and things have just been dumped:-( Our room and the bathroom are also now full of clutter!It has been two weeks on Tuesday since we started and it has been long enough!

I took Emily and A to see New moon at the cinema.I had said they could go in on their own and they were up for the idea,however on the way I remembered it was a 12 and said I should perhaps go in with them.They both said that was ok and that they would actually prefer it.Emily said " After all we've never been on our own before,we are only 11!"

I had planned to go into the cafe and read my book and wander round the shopping arcade while they were in the cinema.We got there to find that the department store was closing down and they were closed, preparing for a sale midweek, so I couldn't have done that anyway!The cinema and the few shops in the complex are on the side of Workington cut off due to a bridge collapsing in the floods.Not sure if that has been a deciding factor in the move to the centre of town but business has been hit severely as people are just not making the major detour to get to that part of town.

 Meanwhile Alan finalised Emily's room, he got curtain poles up and little bits like that.Oh, the other thing was, he dismantled the cabin bed.I know I had said we couldn't, but as I was laid in bed this morning I thought about the pros and cons of leaving it up and the sense of anti climax there would be in having the room done, but without the double bed up.It could be weeks before the bed sells and the excitement of her new space ( and moving back into her own bedroom again after 4 years in ours ) would be gone.It is now in bits in the spare room.Well bits that could fit in, the rest will go in when I move Emily's stuff back into her room,its like one of those sliding puzzles,you know the ones with the squares that are a jumbled picture and you have to move them around with only one square free to make the picture again. I decided that even if it didn't sell it would not be the end of the world.It would go on freecycle or to Impact housing, it would just take us longer to save the money to put back into her savings account.I talked to Al and we decided to do it, so the double bed can go up on Tuesday.She was so excited when we got back fom the cinema and it was down.

Emily and A are sleeping on mattress's in the dining room tonight and then a day of play for them tomorrow.I will get on with putting things back together with Als help.Milly was really keen to be involved,then the sleepover was suggested and she was invited to A's to play tomorrow,so no contest really :-) She is trusting me to display all her things.

Whilst the girls are busy Al and I are going to watch a film When I was in Sainsbury last night I got him a boxed set of war films I knew he would enjoy.Letters from Imo Jima and Flags of our fathers.

Cup of tea,book and a bath first though. xx

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