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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My little storyteller....

All this time uploading pictures and tonight for the first time I found the upload another picture facility (smacks forehead!!!) How much easier it will be when I am putting numerous pictures on....

Milly woke up this morning and the first words out of her mouth were "I had a really good idea for a story in the night" She has so many notebooks on the go with different characters/story's, it really is a passion.I am amazed at some of the lines she comes out with.As always she is not open to suggestions and is working her way through in her own way.By actually writing it and reading it out she is finding out how to put a tale together,what works and sounds right and just over the last couple of day's punctuation has crept in to her writing.

Today was home ed group day but Milly was not feeling 100% so we stayed home.We just took it easy and had a really lovely day.
We played together on and off throughout the day,in the game we were rescuing our Daemons from Bolvanger and I also got in depth instructions on Daemon care as apparently my Daemon Chimung is feeling very unloved and neglected and has been telling Pan(Emily's daemon) how sad he is.Must try harder;-)

Alongside playing we have been reading the third part in the Percy jackson series.Great fun and lot's of greek mythology which Emily is enjoying.She has remembered a lot of the gods from the Roman Mysteries, and is enjoying telling me the Roman names.

After lunch we washed our hairs.For the first time in my life I have nits:-(
Milly's friend has shared again with us.I found the Nitty gritty comb, we are using that and it seems to be doing the trick.

We decided as it was a nice day it was a shame to sit in and waste the sunshine we lit a fire in the chimenea and read The worst children's jobs in history. Emily really loves this and also Kings and Queens,they are funny and the information is in bite size chunks with quirky illustrations.They have age 5-7 recommended but she loves them and we have read them several times.

I put a chicken in the slow cooker this morning so that when we came home from group it would be easy to cook tea with minimal washing up.I had intended just to do some baked potato's and peas but as we didn't go out and I was at home this afternoon I ended up doing roasties, yorkshires, roast parsnip and carrots,cauliflower cheese and gravy. The kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it with all the pots!! After tea I decided the pots would wait and went through to watch stictly come dancing 2 and then Emily came through to ask me to join the two of them outside, they had lit the chimenea again and we sat under a clear sky while Emily told us ghost stories.What a lovely way to finish the day.


Sam said...

It sounds like an excellent day, apart from the nits!
The slow cooker is a very interesting idea, as I always struggle to find something easy to cook when we've been out all day. I shall have to look into that.
When I first started home educating, I stocked up on lots of teacher's books (now in the loft) and Milly just shows how unnecessary they are. She doesn't need exercises in how to write - she does it because she loves it, and she learns as she goes.
That gives me a lot of confidence :-)

K said...

Oh no - not the dreaded nits! Thats one thing I really don't miss about A being at school!
Love the fire pictures, and it sounds like you had a lovely feast.
Its so great to hear about Milly's writing and story telling, I remember how much I enjoyed story writing at that age. Its wonderful she is getting the time and space to explore her talents in this area.
Kara X

Shirl said...

Sounds like a lovely day and evening ... :0)

The Dotterel said...


Michelle said...

rofl at me. Now I know about the upload another picture facility! I am SO glad you mentioned it! Thank you!

Much easier :-)

Dawny said...

It always sounds so lovely at your house - apart from the nits :-)