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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Happy Birhtday, Party's over, I survived!!!

The party is over,cleaning up is done,Alan and Emily are playing keepy uppy in the hall with a very large balloon,lot's of laughter and squeals of delight.

The day went well.Alan had taken a day off to surprise her and we woke Emily with Stevie Wonder "Happy birthday" playing on a CD we carried in with us ,we both danced into the bedroom and she looked over drowsily and rolled her eyes at the sight of us bopping:-)) Opening of presents and breakfast, then a trip into town for last minute bit's for party bags and 40 Cumberland sausages from the butchers.Milly was very tired due to her late sleepover night and wasn't too happy about having to shop"on her birthday!!" no choice though as we had to drop Al off to pick up his bike which had been in the garage again.Back home so Al and Em could go off for a birthday lunch date, giving me time to prep for the party.I got all the food sorted to go in the oven and then I went round the house taking pictures of things close up and at funny angles. I printed them off and made up three sets of sheets so it was like an observation hunt to locate all the items in the picture.I had got loo rolls for the wrap the mummy game.I know E had planned a Dr who Quiz and a treasure hunt and I had a couple of balloon games up my sleeve.I also had bubbles and chalks for outside play.I like to have games available but quite often have found we don't get round to them if they are managing to find things to do themselves.

I do love having a houseful of people.We had 9 boys age range 5-14 and 5 girls age range 5- 15 and 4 mums stayed.As it was a fine day we were able to get straight out into the garden,and left the Mums to have a drink and a chat.The plan had been to draw a target on the tree and fill a load of water balloons to hit it with.Great plan and everyone was very keen but the boys filling the balloons had a problem as they kept splitting:-( never mind onto plan B,trampoline and climbing frame came in handy.Then E said the disco was ready in Emily's room.I was surprised that the boys were keen to come in but they all did and then mostly ran about throwing themselves at each other:-)We then put on a Dr who DVD whilst I finished the tea off,sausages and baked pots with cheese and beans.I had got the brand of chicken nuggets and new potato's my friends little boy eats.He has very particular likes and also prefers to be away from other smells when eating,in fact he very often won't eat at peoples houses and I do love that he eats here:-))The Mums were also fed and watered.Makes me happy to feed people.Cake and Happy birthday singing followed.

E had set up the treasure hunt and they set off on that and we managed to clear up a little before they were back for prizes,a selection of highly nutritious lolly's and sweets;-))E had done it in such a way that the three teams each did a different hunt so they were not actually competing against each other.

I then handed out the party bags and the gifts inside them (I had found tiny little bottles of the everlasting bubbles and some polystyrene planes kits and whizzer balloons, and magic putty) which kept them going for another hour before they all went home. Mums all mucked in washing and tidying so I just had a little vacuuming to do when they left.I had put some rice pudding in the slow cooker and had even written a note out to remind me not to forget it,obviously did forget but remembered just in time as we were washing up.The kids preferred Ice cream cones though:-)

Alan had taken Beauty out on to the fells for a good long walk.It would have been too much for her to be locked away whilst all the kids were here she would have got so over excited at all the noise and energy.Plus we really needed to be able to use the downstairs loo which is through the lobby where she stays in.He took his radio and headphones tea and cake and sat atop a hill overlooking Keswick. He and Beauty were suitably knackered when they got back in:-)

Living with M.E. means I am fatigued most of the time and rarely have a day where I feel "normal" well what used to feel normal to me:-)It is times like this when I realise how far I have come and although the next week will involve quite a bit of pain and tiredness I have been able to enjoy a day with friends and still be standing to tell the tale;-) We started the day with "Happy Birthday to you" and the song that springs to mind to end on is "I will survive" Gloria Gaynor:-))


Shirl said...

Glad the day was a great success ... :0)

Gloria Gaynor, I will survive, what a song. Be kind to yourself these next few days.

Michelle said...

"The Mums were also fed and watered.Makes me happy to feed people"

lol. We like making people happy ;-).

Sounds like an ace time had by all. Well done you!

Deb said...

I love having a houseful too - glad the party went well.

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