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Friday, 20 February 2009

Poorly Milly.....

Having had a brilliant party weekend Emily woke with a temperature of 102 on the Tuesday.She had aches and pains flu like symptoms and a bad cough which has rumbled on for four days now:-(

We have remedies to take and are spending time snuggled up watching TV/DVD/reading.Al has been going into work but the three of us are a bit like zombies through lack of sleep.Emily fights sleep even when she is as poorly as she is,so it is rare for her to snooze during the day,and nightimes have been very busy keeping her supplied with iced water and cuddles,and rubbing aching joints.

She has certainly had her fair share of ilness this last twelve months.Need to look at more ways to boost her immune system alongside Homeopathy and Cranial osteopathy. I think we will go back for some more accupuncture and see Rezwanna for some Healing.I must look at ways to supplement her diet with immune boosting foods as well,tricky because she is so particular about what she will and won't eat but I am sure we can find some way to do it.Ok plan in place, must get back to the sofa:-) xx


Sam said...

Oh that's not nice :-(

I hope she feels better soon. And I hope you can catch up on some sleep too.

Take care :-)

Shirl said...

I hope Emily feels better soon ... :0(

Claire said...

Oh dear, I hope she's feeling better soon.

I know it's a controversial view but there are strong argumets in support of beneficial effects of fevers. Not much consolation when you are having to watch your child suffer I know though :-( Then of course there are the risks associated with fever too :-(

Sounds like you are doing a great job in nurturing and supporting her well being. Not sure what more you can do - herbals? reiki? essences? Like you I often think about nutrition with my little ones but it isn't always possible with fussy eaters.


Lynn said...

Thank you for your good wishes everyone. Al and Emily are watching Casualty at the moment,their usual Saturday viewing and she has perked up a little:-)

Claire,I remember when I first started using homeopathy when Emily was still a toddler and reading about the benefits of a fever and it making such complete sense.We have been conditioned to fear them.I think it is important when taking any alternative approach that we are well informed and know of the natural ways to bring down a temperature.We are very lucky in having an excellent homeopathist and she helps us through an illness, but I no longer fear a fever in the same way I once did.

I will look into herbals and reiki as other options.I know the benefits of Reiki having had it myself, but know very little about herbals.xx