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Monday, 9 February 2009

8 random things about me

Clare over at Seeing with new eyes tagged me for this. 8 very random facts about me.

1: Alan and I had been going out for a couple of years when he proposed.He was in the Royal Navy and had been in Northern Ireland for his second stint of six months.Because of this he was able to do what they called a preference draft and he got to put in options of where he would like to go for his next draft and the chances of him getting it were high.The idea was that we would get married so that I could travel with him, not the only reason I was saying yes I hasten to add;-) and he put in to go to Singapore.We were so excited,getting married was great but traveling and living abroad was a dream.We were married before notification of his next post came out.Instead of Singapore the powers that be sent us off to Scotland!! Nothing against Scotland ,we had a great time but not quite the start we had imagined!!

2: I lived in Singapore for two years when I was 6.Prior to that I had also lived in Cyprus.Apparently I was able to speak fluent Greek when I was two!! Wonder if I started to learn the language again it would all come flooding back?

3: I attended 9 primary schools and 1 secondary modern.Dad was in the RAF.Always an introvert I can't tell you how hard it was to start a new school time after time after time!!

4: I entered a competition in the Daily Mail to win a house.I had to collect tokens over a period of time and send them off to be entered in the draw.I think there were ten houses to be won and I won one of them!!!

5: Emily was born at 32 weeks by emergency Cesarean(pre eclampsia)It all happened really quickly, one minute I was in the Dr's surgery having a regular check up an the next I was being prepped for surgery.The funny thing was I remember panicking about the scar I would be left with,it seems so irrational now with all the other possible outcomes but it was what I was focusing on at that time.The lovely nurse who was with me tried to placate me and could see it was an irrational fear that was getting out of hand, so she explained she had had a Cesarean and drew the curtains round and showed me her scar:-) We laughed and it had the calming effect I needed and then everything else was a doddle and I went through the whole thing in great spirits and no amount of needles and injections could phase me.

6: I started going to a meditation group about 5 years ago.I was rather sceptical and had never heard of chakras!! The proof is in the pudding as they say and I know my healing emotionally and physically began then.

7: I returned back to school after the summer holidays just before my 12th birthday and I had grown so much more than my friends that I was a good head and shoulders above them and then they just never seemed to catch up:-(
I wish I had a pound for every time some guy in a bar said "your a big un" !! I hated being tall but have grown into it;-)

8:Alan and I were married 18 years before I fell pregnant with Emily.Although I did love children I had never been particularly maternal,my biggest surprise was how "right" it felt to be pregnant.All my life I had been searching ,trying to find something that meant something and when Emily was born I found it;-) I was meant to be her Mummy.......

Now for the rules:

1. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

5. For the recipients, leave a comment for the person who tagged you, so they can go and read your answers.

OK now for the game of cyber tag,If you want to play;-)










Shirl said...

I'll give it a go ... ;0)

Shirl said...

What very interesting facts. Are you still living in the house you won?

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Hi Lynn,
I just shared an award with you. You can pick it up at my blog!

Grit said...

crikey! i only just caught up here. i will be late. but i will get round to doing it eventually! honest! actually, i don't think i can dredge up some facts that are quite as entrancing as yours!

Lynn said...

Shirl,I won the house when I had just made the decision to finish work,I had gone back three times and ended up back in bed for months at a time so enough was enough.We wanted to move home to be near my family and lo and behold we won the house(which was a new build in Sale in Manchester) and were able to take the 2/3 financial option and that gave us financial freedom to move home.xx

heart rokin mama,
You are very kind and I will get round to itxx

Grit, I will look forward to reading your random facts whenever they are posted:-)I am still reading and still enjoying every post you do, just not commenting as much these days.So little time,but this new follow thingy has cut down so much browsing time that I mangage to visit those that have blogged as I have a cup of tea first thing.xx

Lynn said...

Sorry Heart(rokin) Rockin Mama slip of the fingers!!!!

Michelle said...

err. I'll think about it.

Can't think of anything non depressing atm.

Stephanie said...

did you leave me a message that I missed? Or am I just lucky that I showed up!?!
I'll be on it soon...

Stephanie said...

I guess I've just missed it... the other posts I've seen!

Sam said...

Those are fascinating facts. Wow! that you won a Daily Mail house!! I remember collecting the tokens to enter, but I've never heard of anyone who actually won.

My much less fascinating facts are on my blog :-)

Sam said...

Forgot to say - I've tagged you back - photos this time :-)