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Friday, 13 February 2009

Tailoring our days.

Some weeks seem to be non stop and others more relaxed....

Last week was busy, busy, busy,very enjoyable and full of impromptu play dates.

Wednesday was Home ed group and then off to a friends house for a good chat over a cuppa.E came back with us and we picked A off the school bus to come to ours for tea.Dropped them both back home later in the evening.

Thursday morning we were up and out by 10 (v early in this house!!)to go to a tea party held at my friends house(E's mum)she had invited a couple of other childminders over with their little people and E had made lovely sandwiches and cakes for us all.We stayed on after the others had left and then I went for a lovely 1 1/2 hours reflexology and massage.Home for a quick tea and out to meditation group meeting.

Friday we went to a soft play center with E and another friend and her two children.We hadn't been out together for a while and was nice to catch up.Took E home and then home to pick up A from the school bus.E came later after her theatre group and stayed again.

Saturday we spent planning Emily's birthday parties.On sat the 14th she is having A and E over for the day and I am taking them to McDonald's then on to the cinema.Then back to ours for a valentine sleepover with mudpacks, makeovers,Tattoos and dancing.On the Monday we are having a Dr who themed Birthday celebration and have 16 children with their mums coming over to ours.We didn't think everyone we invited would be able to come!! E has planned most of it and is making the Tardis cake,dalek cookies and fairy cakes with Dr who sugar paper pictures to go in the party bags.Wish me luck!!!!!!

Sunday we were over at my sisters house for a family get together.My brother in law had cooked Brisket and it was delicious.I have not had it for years and had forgotten how good it tastes.Played Scatagoriesit's a great fun game,I'm having problems finding it to buy though.

This week has been much more chilled and although we have been out and about and had friends over to play we have had quiet mornings and spent more time in pj's and generally a much more leisurely pace.Emily has been tired and has wanted to go to bed around 8ish.It has been around 9 when they have finished reading and put the lights out each night but the she has had great difficulty getting to sleep and has come back down after 45 mins or so,leaving Al snoring,he is up at 6 in the morning and needs his beauty sleep:-)
She has spent some time downstairs and has gone back up with me later.The two of us have cuddled and held hands but it has been around 12-12.30 before she has gone off to sleep.Consequently she has been sleeping in till 10 or 11 the next day.On wed night she went off to bed at 8 and although she had spent the whole 2 hours at home ed running around and then 2 hours bouncing at my friends house I thought she would never get to sleep as she hadn't got up till 11 that morning,however she did get off to sleep straight away only to wake up 2 hours later and couldn't get back to sleep. We watched TV together for a while and had a hot drink and went up to try again but were both still awake around 12 :-(

Not too sure what is causing it, maybe just be the mounting excitement about her birthday.It could be the new moon:-) We have tried all the homeopathy remedies and essential oils and nothing seems to be working.It is not unusual for Emily to go through these phases of disturbed sleep and we are just so lucky we can tailor our days to accommodate her energy levels.I do find her tired behaviour during the day incredibly difficult to deal with though.It seems that every little thing is just too much effort for her and we have butted heads on a couple of occasions this week.I know I have been to blame because I have got my "you will do as I say" head on and not backed down when I should have done and that has made a small incident into a battle.The good thing is that after lots of practice and self talk I am finding it easier and easier to move from annoyance to understanding and to connect again and to work through whatever the problem was.


Shirl said...

Happy Birthday Emily. Have a great weekend all of you! ... :0)

Mon said...

What great times you have been having - both the busy and the quiet cuddling.

Yes, well, you know my sleep issues with the LO. But we all go through these phases don't we? And there does seem to be plenty to be excited about for her.

I'm glad for you that you have worked through your own part in the 'butting heads' issue. Makes all the difference, ay?

Mama1 said...

I came across your blog today and read your story about taking your daughter out of school. I always want to applaud people who are not afraid to follow their true selves despite what society may think. I look forward to following your journey.

K said...

Hope the sleepover went well, I bet everyone's shattered today!! I'm sure you'll all have recovered for the big party tomorrow :-)

I can sympathise with the sleep issues, we have ongoing ones of our own (a bit different from yours). I've sort of given in to it now and am letting things run their course, once I stopped stressing and worrying about it it all became much easier to deal with. (Although its never that easy to deal with a tired/stroppy/emotional 10-year-old!!). X