"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Monday, 28 February 2011


I set the alarm for 8.30 -snoozed it many times - lot's of thinking going on ;-) Finally rolled out of bed around 9.30.

As usual Emily and I had been late to bed. I had a bath and was getting into bed around 12.15.Slept like a log - unusual - til around 5 ( must have been all that fresh air on the walk ), when the urge to go to the loo became too much,  then the restless legs took over and the dance moves began :-) Poor Alan - not sure I could cope if things were reversed...

Sunny morning lifted my spirits ;-)

Pottered around doing the usual morning tasks and preparing our swim bag. It was so lovely to have the sun streaming through the sun room windows.I put up the mirror I had painted in the lobby and decided it might need another coat - or perhaps ( maybe the easier option ) I will just distress it to give it that shabby chic look ;-) Also realised I would need to take down the coat rack and give that a coat of paint.
Woke Milly around 10.30.We had a cranial osteopathy app for 12.30 and would be leaving about 12, she likes a while to come round and rarely eats straight after waking...

Fed Milly ( who also woke in a good mood ) and we set off in good time.
I had bought Julie of the Wolves in story Cd and we listened to it on our way,we both enjoyed it and Milly had a smile on her face at the descriptions of the Wolves.Talked about getting the book to read to her, as the CD is abridged...

App with Judith went well.Milly in top form, chatty and very funny.We have been going to Judith for many years but Emily has received Cranial osteopathy - on and off - since she was around 10 months old.At that age it was feeding difficulties and reflux.
Milly has had a growth and headaches and aches and pains associated with that are helped amazingly well with this gentle treatment.Have another app booked for next Mon.

Off to do the shopping at Morrison's.Lunch was first on the agenda though.After eating we played with her new Sims 3 game - trying to work it out -  I am not much help with these things and often find she manages to work it out herself!

Milly doesn't like shopping and I rarely ask her to do it ,choosing instead to find other times to do it when Alan is at home. As we were going to be there for lunch today I had said it would save me a trip tomorrow( which would mean more play time )  if we could do it today.
She made a game up where she got a list with three of the items on my list on it and had to find them and I had three things to find and whoever got back first won.She beat me :-) We had good fun and the time flew by.We also managed to get Alpha and Omega DVD ( we had missed seeing at at the Cinema).

We put the shopping in the boot and all the fridge food in the two cooler boxes and headed off to the pool.

Had a really fabulous time.We went in the steam room and the sauna and dared each other to 'ice cube' (cold shower) afterwards.Laughed so much and had the pool to ourselves most of the time. As usual a wide range of topics were covered and conversations included ( amongst many others ) George Orwell's 1984 Big brother and health benefits of a sauna.
Back home by 5.30, tea for Milly and Al. I unpacked the food and managed to get some emails and stuff sorted before having my soup.

We are going to make a chocolate fudge cake shortly before Glee ( I have only seen odd bits of it and Milly has got into it, so will watch with her so I know what she is talking about ) at 9.

Mum and Dad visiting tomorrow and also Kelly the hairdresser is coming to dye Milly's hair black ( it will be a very dark brown that looks black but will not be as harsh and will fade over time) she is also having pinky red, chunky streaks put in, so photo's tomorrow :-) 

Hope your day has been a good one....

Sunday, 27 February 2011


The house is getting a new coat of paint inside ( 3 rooms ) and out - later in the year when the weather improves.

 In an ideal world Alan would prefer to clear a room completely and just get on with it.Life tends to get in the way though and the three rooms being painted are the open plan sun room, kitchen, dining room, and back lobby leading to outdoors.Not ideal in the most used areas of the house to have paint and ladders out all day and rooms unusable whilst he is at work.Also, if he focuses completely on decorating, his time with Em is reduced and, as the rooms are quite large,  it isn't a quick job! He would spend all his time off  'busy'. So compromise needed to be reached and a new way of working is being attempted
A couple of weekends ago he started painting the woodwork in the lobby and over two weekends did it in stages, this meant we got to spend time as a family and he also got to sit down and watch Rugby:-) Then another day he painted the ceiling and yesterday the walls got a lovely fresh green colour on.
This morning (whilst Milly snoozed ) he put it all back together and did the cutting in on the ceiling of the sun room.I painted the clock ( which had been pine, painted in red ) and the mirror ( which was pine ) white to brighten things up.
This is not the best picture and I will probably take a better one in the daylight and replace it...

When we joined the pool/spa we decided that we would make one Sunday a month a family swim day ( Alan didn't want to become a member but said he would come along with us at times ) and this afternoon was it! However the weather this morning was fabulous.As we painted we thought it would be a shame to be indoors this afternoon and once Milly was up we discussed plans to go for a walk to Buttermere.Since Milly has been feeling anxious about going out we haven't been, although it is one of our favourite places to be.
Initially, when we suggested it she was reticent, however she quite quickly decided we should do it :-)

The sun didn't stay out to play but we had a fabulous time regardless....


Milly is looking a little glum in this picture... Alan accidentally broke a branch as he attempted to join her, apparently it was a very important branch - much needed for holding onto when sitting in the tree and also essential when dismounting from the tree:-( Tree-gate ensued, the larger of the two didn't see why an apology was required! Tears and bad tempers meant the next part of the walk was not quite as harmonious as it had been!!

I acted as mediator and thankfully, shortly after, the sun came out in reality and metaphorically as they made peace:-)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

A grown up Birthday meal !

 Over the last few weeks we have had numerous get togethers and sleepovers to celebrate Milly's birthday.It was impossible to get her friends in one room at the same time so we had them individually :-)
For her actual Birthday night we had settled on a family meal of Steak and chips - chosen by Emily.

I set the table with hearts and star sprinkles ( ok, there are a few snowflakes mixed in, from the time Milly decided all the table confetti would look good mixed on the table! )

For a girl that LOVES chocolate, a large box to share...

Carrying on the Thornton's theme, Emily's favourite cake,Thornton's toffee cake...

A little more sparkliness:-)


Sirloin steak and chips went down very well.We then lit the candles on the cake and I realised I had forgotten my camera .I failed to take a pic of her blowing out the candles - she was not up for a retake as the cake was within her reach and she was not letting anything hold up the moment...

As we watched her laughing and talking, Alan and I both got very emotional.We talked with her about the night she was born, neither of us can believe how time has flown. She makes us laugh, she makes us cry, we worry,we soar with happiness, it is a roller coaster ride, but oh so worth it. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, unique girl to share our lives with.She makes us happy just by 'being'.

We had planned to have a game after the meal and Milly had chosen Anatomix.

However during the meal a plan was hatched by Milly to go for a walk in the dark.So off we went.It was a beautiful still evening and we had such fun, Milly was on top form and had us laughing and giggling.She then told us a story - well a walk wouldn't be complete without one :-).

Back home to watch The Social Network .
Happy Birthday gorgeous girl...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Milly's Birth day...

I wrote this a while ago in another post called Baby Diaries.

Seems appropriate on Milly's 12th Birthday to remember her enrty into this world and the amazing and profound change she has made to our lives :-)

My Darling Emily,

yes,what a difference in 23 days!!You are here with us and what a story to tell..

A week ago tonight on 16.02.99 a Tuesday at 10.25 you were born by cesarean section in an emergency operation.I had preeclampsia,a serious condition that endangered both our lives.A special scan called a Doppler scan found that you were experiencing trauma, so it was decided to get you out as soon as possible.

Daddy had just left the hospital at 7.30 and I had to phone him at 8,30 to tell him the news.He rushed back,not having any time for tea.The preparations for the cesarean were well under way.I have to say I was in shock when I was told you were to be delivered so soon.I was worried for you and I just felt so unprepared to have you .Another worry was how ugly a scar from surgery would be. A lovely midwife called Julie talked with me and realised I was getting myself worked up.She set my mind at rest by pulling the curtains around me and showed me her scar!! It was just the perfect thing for her to have done,we laughed and my mood changed from fear to a sense of excitement and anticipation.

I went into theatre with your Dad holding my hand and we were able to laugh and joke with the doctors and midwives.

It is a very strange experience, I felt no pain at all when they gave me various injections even though I am a notorious coward.Then the big one into my spine!

Could I be brave?

I sat on the table with my spine bent, leaning over towards your Dad who was rubbing my hands and talking calmly to me

I never felt a thing,just a slight pressure.

Then I was put onto the table til my legs went numb and the operation began.

They had squirted ice cold liquid down the length of my body to ensure I couldn't feel anything but I had to work really hard not to panic as I tried to imagine when the first cut was made,just waiting in case I felt pain.

Of course I didn't.

I was talking to the anesthetist about the fact that we had no names picked out and he was telling me how he and his wife had their son and picked Seth as his name even though they had never contemplated it before they saw his face.

Daddy held my hand and watched everything.He told me when you were coming out,all I could feel was a rummaging feeling and a slight sucking sensation.I will never forget the look on Daddy's face as he saw you and we were told you were a girl.I felt that I had just given him the best gift ever.

I couldn't see you straight away,they had explained the procedure was to get you out and on to special care as soon as possible and we obviously knew that was a priority.After a while they brought you over to me,you were wrapped in a blanket crying lustily and I joined in!!

I have been known to have a good cry before,but that was the most emotional experience of my life!!
Daddy went along to special care to see you settled in.He was like the cat that got the cream.When we were taken back to my room we had a little time on our own before we heard from the nurses that Uncle Tony and Auntie Elaine were coming over.

Daddy went out to see you twice whilst I got my breath back.The nurse brought me two pictures of you and later I was wheeled down in the bed to see you.

When Auntie Elaine and Uncle Tony arrived I was so happy to see that Auntie Paula also came with them and brought a card from Uncle Charles who had to stay home and look after Alex.
I want to hold on to the memories of that night,the strange calm feeling even through all that was going on.The relief that you were crying.The feelings of love I had for you and your Dad.The laughter and joking in the theatre.The prospect of a new life with you.The sight of your Dad ,so cock a hoop and happier than I had ever seen him.Auntie Elaine barging slightly tipsy through the door into special care even though she wasn't allowed!The unexpected sight of auntie Paula and the joy that she had also been able to come.
I don't remember saying goodbye to your Dad.I don't remember going to sleep.I can remember worrying Daddy hadn't had tea and that he didn't want any food at the hospital.I can't remember any pain that night.I remember experiencing an emotional special life changing night and I hope I can always remember that feeling.

Talk to you again soon my darling.

I love you Emily xx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Today in a nutshell!

Plans for Me...
Vac round and a quick tidy, Meditation group, lunch with Mum and Emily, play with Em this afternoon, quick hello to Al when he gets in from work, shopping, sushi, swimming and sauna - edited to add that Milly is invited to join me but has declined the offer:-) film with Al and Em, bed.

Milly will, as usual, follow her own organic flow.I have no doubt it will include some Friends ( only on disc 5 of the 10 series box set! ) There was a new story ( characters created and details written ) started last night so that may or may not get worked on.Time with Granny and play with Bratz will also be part of her day.Other than that?
 Well neither of us know the answer to that one ;-)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Quick and easy noodles!

250 gm egg noodles - cooked as per instructions.
200 gm prawns (cooked and peeled, I use frozen )
1 clove garlic - sliced.
1 onion - finally sliced.
Bunch coriander - chopped.
2 Tbs tai red curry paste ( I use whatever paste I have in )
Salted peanuts.

Could add water chestnuts and beansprouts but I didn't have any today.
serves 4.

Cook the noodles and once ready...
Stir fry the onion and garlic gently in a wok.
Add prawns and curry paste.This is when you would add the chestnuts and beansprouts too.
After a couple of mins, add the noodles with a little liquid, just enough to moisten. (I tend not to drain them and use tongs to take them straight from the boiling water into the wok and that gives them enough liquid.)

Mix all ingredients and then add coriander and peanuts to serve.

My Daily Inner Peace card...

I only allow that which is good into my life!

No one can depress you.

No one can make you anxious.

No one can hurt your feelings.

No one can make you anything other than what you allow inside!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


About two years ago we began the BIG declutter!We changed the use for most rooms and sold a lot of our furniture to buy new and more suitable pieces that would store all our things and be more user friendly.DVDs stored one behind the other in a cupboard meant that the job of choosing one involved taking out the front pile and they invariably got left out.So a large book case ( cheap and cheerful from Ikea ) with enough storage was brought in instead. So little things like that - to make storage a priority - happened in each room.Everything had a place and over time we have found it has made the quick clean up so much easier.

Over time the bookcases in the dining room became more and more cluttered.time for some maintenance ;-)
Not bad - nearly two years have passed since we first sorted it out!

I spent one Sunday sorting the two small bookcases

Milly's sketchbooks and notebooks now have a shelf each so she can find them easily.Everything is easily accessible and I cleared out every basket - they had become a depository for all those little things that Milly wanted to keep at the time but now many months later she was happier to let them go...

The big job was the boxes of craft/sewing/toys and the books/files/ etc.
Half way through!
Most of the books will be kept.They brought back so many happy memories of reading them to Milly at various stages in her life.A big box under her bed will be sourced to store them in.
Piles and piles of *stuff* with no use what so ever ( although at some time it was obviously very important ) have been cleared.Milly sifted through the pile and retrieved a very small selection of things that were still important to her...

Ahhhh, sorted!

Forgot to take a pic of the smaller bookcase, it houses the boxes with the craft in.

Now I just have to tackle the two cupboards...

Can't even open the door on this one without something tumbling out...

Another day of sorting and I should be done.
Til the next time :-)