"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Most excellent news :-)

A blog post with some FABULOUS NEWS!! 

We are so amazed at the generosity shown by people! 
Total funds raised now stands at £280.00 with £ 79.00 pledged and more to come tomorrow...

There is going to be an online auction - got to plan a date for that and ask for a few more donations...

We have the opportunity to do a bag pack at Morrisons but need at least 15 people to help out in shifts. Trying to get that many people together on one day isn't that easy...
I have ideas for ways to do it but as yet not had time to put them into practice. 
It seems on average people have made between £300 and £400. 

It would be great if we could do two... One before she shaves her hair and one after...

I have had many ideas for the actual hair shaving event on the 12.12.12. So far non of the ideas have panned out as the people I have asked are unable to help for one reason or another. I have a very active imagination and some of the ideas would work but would require far more energy than I have to give. I have to keep the whole event within my limits whilst ensuring I don't give half measures - if that makes sense? Alan and I are fully committed to helping Milly raise the funds and make as much money as is possible for the two charities. I would hate to get to the end and wish I had done more or dreamed bigger....

There is going to be an *act* of some kind. Preferably Xmas related - we are hoping for a choir/group to perform. Milly and I are going to go round and ask local businesses for raffle prizes on the night and we aim to have some kind of food and drink to be sold...  
Good job we have a good few months to get it all sorted! 

This fundraising malarky is far from easy but days like today make it so worthwhile.

Monday, 16 July 2012

A new post about adding The little Princess Trust as another charity to raise money for.


New link on the side bar.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

From Milly's blog 
Lynn here :-))
We have been thinking of ideas to keep the blog updated and to get more people reading with the hope that will encourage people to donate and we can raise as much money as possible for Cancer research.

Milly wrote this on her JustGiving page

A few months ago I watched the film "My Sister's Keeper" About a girl with cancer, it touched me deeply, there was a bit were she was saying she was a freak for being bald and I thought about it and got to this, shaving my hair off for cancer research charity.

We are very aware that Milly is making a choice to loose her hair and that many people with Cancer don't have that choice.
As we share Milly's story of her fundraising efforts we thought it would be apt to hear from people who have been through / still going through Cancer to hear their story about the process of loosing their hair and how it affected them.

We don't mean to be insensitive. 
Nor do we want to make light of the situation - unless of course that is part of your story and how you coped.  

If you feel that you would be able to write your story and share it on here or I would love to hear from you.
If  you know of someone who may feel able to please pass on this request. 
You can write it and send it to me to be posted on the blog. 
My email is bamberh@aol.com. 

" Stay strong and shine on" <3
Firstly, an apology to those of you who are seeing this on the other pages I have posted this. I am trying to keep as many people as possible updated on the progress of fundraising and plans we have for the future :-) 

Posted on Milly's face book page this morning..

Good Morning! Lynn here :) I have been deputized and will be adding updates on here alongside Milly :) 

We are having regular planning sessions to discuss ideas and plans to hold an event on the day she has her hair shaved off are coming along. More on that as we have something concrete to report. 

The fundraising pack has arrived and we are going to get the sponsorship forms photocopied and start by knocking on doors in the village and asking family and friends to sponsor Milly.

We hope that some family and friends will take a form and spread the word further by asking their friends and workmates to sponsor her. ♥

Justgiving total stands at £114.00 :-))

Saturday, 14 July 2012

A quick photo post as time is short and crochet awaits :-)) 

It has been a busy day with one thing and another...
Not long after we got up we had a visit from the lovely Amy who had tales to tell about her school trip to Germany...As I was making Milly her breakfast I added another egg and some bread and made Amy some eggy bread and beans too :-) They hung out for a while upstairs and then bounced for a while before asking if they could go in the paddling pool as it was so warm out. Whilst they walked back to Amy's so she could get changed Alan and I took the cover off , I sieved all the debris that had managed to get in and Alan blew up the big tyre for them. If the weather had been better in what has passed for Summer so far the pool would have warmed up a bit over the months it has been up 
They went in for a while but the water was freezing
As I got ready to go into town they were coming in to get warm :-) 
The rest of the day was taken up with jobs and a trip into town for me.

I wanted to record a really lovely trip we took to Beamish a few weeks ago with Liz, Gary and the kids.
Charlie boy came too <3

Fish and chips in the old fashioned way..

Most Delicious and highly recommended :-)) 
Could be a long wait as they cook them but well worth it.

Camera shy Milly with El.

Milly and Catherine at School :-))

Handsome Charlie Boy <3


Ice creams.

Sarsaperilla  Milly's new favourite drink.

Tram rides and Bus rides.

Oh and the reason Milly wants to visit again Shuggy boats :-))

Physically it was a big trip for me having traveled from home the day before. 
I would normally have had a day to rest but I was so well looked after. 
Liz and Gary both took cars so we could all fit in and I didn't have to drive all day..
When I got back Liz's Mum looked after me as by that time I was a bit like a limp rag :-))

A wonderful day with really wonderful people <3

Friday, 13 July 2012

Milly's blog now has a follow widget if you should wish to do so :-) 

It will be fairly quiet until we receive the Cancer Trust fundraising pack with sponsorship forms in etc.
Once that comes we will be updating it regularly so you can follow the journey.

Online donations - thanks to all who have donated so far - stand at  £84.00! 

More news anon :-))

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My gorgeous, generous and very brave daughter :-))

My AMAZING daughter is going to shave of her hair for Cancer research!
She has set up a blog..

and a facebook page..

and a just giving page...

I am sooo proud of her and would really appreciate if you could spread the word and - if you are able to - donate to help her raise money. <3

Monday, 9 July 2012

Still here, just pre occupied.

I have a new love. 
I have found the joy that is Crochet :-))

I will be back with an update soon. 
Life is good and moving along nicely..... if in a rather soggy fashion :-)