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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


About two years ago we began the BIG declutter!We changed the use for most rooms and sold a lot of our furniture to buy new and more suitable pieces that would store all our things and be more user friendly.DVDs stored one behind the other in a cupboard meant that the job of choosing one involved taking out the front pile and they invariably got left out.So a large book case ( cheap and cheerful from Ikea ) with enough storage was brought in instead. So little things like that - to make storage a priority - happened in each room.Everything had a place and over time we have found it has made the quick clean up so much easier.

Over time the bookcases in the dining room became more and more cluttered.time for some maintenance ;-)
Not bad - nearly two years have passed since we first sorted it out!

I spent one Sunday sorting the two small bookcases

Milly's sketchbooks and notebooks now have a shelf each so she can find them easily.Everything is easily accessible and I cleared out every basket - they had become a depository for all those little things that Milly wanted to keep at the time but now many months later she was happier to let them go...

The big job was the boxes of craft/sewing/toys and the books/files/ etc.
Half way through!
Most of the books will be kept.They brought back so many happy memories of reading them to Milly at various stages in her life.A big box under her bed will be sourced to store them in.
Piles and piles of *stuff* with no use what so ever ( although at some time it was obviously very important ) have been cleared.Milly sifted through the pile and retrieved a very small selection of things that were still important to her...

Ahhhh, sorted!

Forgot to take a pic of the smaller bookcase, it houses the boxes with the craft in.

Now I just have to tackle the two cupboards...

Can't even open the door on this one without something tumbling out...

Another day of sorting and I should be done.
Til the next time :-)


Big mamma frog said...

Hmmm...that last cupboard reminds me of most of my house.

We, too, are on a permanent declutter. But some days (weeks?) I just lie down and kinda give up fighting the tide... :)

PixieMum said...

We are trying to declutter as well, we are having a sort out by freecycling our old 3 piece suite with matching large glass top table and plan to buy just a sofa and maybe one chair.

As we have 9 Lloyd Loom chairs there will be enough seating for the rare visitor.

DH has said come the fine weather he wants a big garage clear out. Of course as soon as something has been recycled or gone to the charity shop it is needed, so there is regret passing on the relaxation CDs.

We put IKEA Billy book cases in our hall to house some of the books but there are more around the house and in boxes in garage. Some of these belong to offspring so ours not to dump.