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Monday, 23 February 2009

Family Tree

I love how things begin as one thing and swirl off to become another.

Emily was on line looking up pictures from Twilight and then started to search for books and something about the Cullen family crest.On one of the pages was an advertisement for building your own family tree.She wanted to have a go so her and Alan set about starting it up.She did most of the typing and searching, he was there to help as she needed it.

It hasn't got far, it is a seedling at the moment:-)

This may be a project that grows:-)Sorry bad puns!!

I will get some info from family members(my brother in law has a great deal of info from my side as he has been researching his family tree) so it will be there and can happen a little quicker if she does go back to it.So much more satisfying for her to see something grow quickly.

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Mon said...

I know a Cullen, is that no big deal?