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Sunday, 15 February 2009


I have been on a trip down memory lane and I had so many pictures I wanted to share!! Here are just a few poorly scanned images( you can click on them if you want a closer look) of the quirky,feisty,funny,loving,exasperating,gorgeous bundle I adore.

Emily has wanted a laptop for ages.She was going to save all her birthday money and sell her DS and a lot of her other toys and save all her pocket money to get one.Curry's had a buy one pay later deal so we managed to get one for her birthday,she will still have to pay for it but can enjoy it for the year while she is saving:-)

Here she is setting it up with Daddy.

Writing her first character profile.

Celebrations for her birthday began with a trip out with her two best friends.Mcdonalds then the cinema to see Moonacre Manor.Then back home for a sleepover.Cake decorating,

A's cake

E's cake

Slight deviation from Emily!!!

Then on to makeovers,

Girly agelic look

Vampire scary look!!!

E did a really good job with the stage type makeovers, my photos don't really do it justice.
They had a great time.I had been fighting a thumper of a headache and finally had to go up to lay in bed at around 9. Al came to bed around 11.30 and the girls finally tired themselves out around 3 apparently although I didn't hear a thing.This was the scene in my living room this morning!!

This post has taken hours,pictures would load and then blogger saving failed and some would be lost so I would redo them.Now spell check isn't working ARGGGGHHHHH.


Claire said...

Happy birthday Emily!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Emily :-)

What wonderful memories photos bring, thanks for sharing them. And I loved the cake bling!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy birthday Emily! :-D xx

Mon said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!
That 1st photo is so precious.

Me and My Blog said...

Belated birthday wishes! I am constantly amazed when I look at my children and see how those tiny babies turn into such great big people!

Lynn said...

Thanks everyone:-)I am going to spend some time going through the massive box of photo's with Emily as she really loves to see the old pictures.

I have to confess to taking so many pictures of her that she has her own box and we have hardly any pictures of anything else;-))xx