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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hooked on your blog award.

I wrote this before I got Ill and just never got it posted so I thought now was as good a time as any:-))

Jean, Heart Rockin Mama very kindly passed this on to me.6 random things/what makes me happy.Seems like things are conspiring to encourage me to look at the positives in my life and that's no bad thing. Luckily I am in a positive frame of mind as this could be tricky when I am in lull:-)

Okey dokey here we go.Some random facts and some things that make me happy.

1.There are particular areas in the house that I love to spend time in,one of them is the desk area. I love to sit here with the big lights off and the desk light on.It always feels cosy.I am surrounded by pictures Emily has drawn for me, a list of positive affirmations,pictures of my nephew and Emily,some inspiring quotes, and my inner peace cards that I choose one from each day and am constantly amazed at just how relevant the message always is.There is also a huge amount of clutter and a constant pile of bills to pay and letters to answer but that's ok, that's what this area is for after all.

2.One of my favourite comfort foods is mashed potatoes with gravy.The gravy has to just right though.I do make a good gravy even though I say so myself and I freeze any left over from roast dinners so I have a supply waiting,you never know when your gonna need comforting ;-))

3.I would class myself as a dreamer.Some might say I am naive,I trust easily and always want to believe the best in people.I think of myself as a lucky person.Over the last few years I have got much better at seeing the bright side.

4.Driving past a school during school hours with Emily in the car never fails to remind me how blessed we are and to be thankful that we are out of that system.

5.Seeing the garden fresh and clean in the springtime.I love to see the earth and space between the plants before they grow larger.The little veg shoots promising so much,unless said shoots get eaten by bleeping slugs or caterpillars!!sore point,I lost a great deal last year as I wasn't ready for them.I will be armed with information,netting and slug pellets this year,organic of course!!

6.I am seriously thinking of having my nose pierced.

I now pass it on to 6 blogs I am hooked on ?

Not sure I can list just 6 as I have soooo many I love to read for differing reasons.
Some that I have followed since I first heard about the blog world are









See up to eight already!!
Some that are newer to me but I seem to have a great deal in common with are,








Thank you all for sharing.I do love the new follow linky thing cos now I don't spend quite so long skipping around to see who posted,the info is all in one place so I never miss anything!!I am sure no one will mind if you all pick up this award,if you want to of course.xx


Shirl said...

What a lovely colourful award. Thanks for the mention ... :0)

Shirl x

K said...

Thanks Lynn, glad to hear things are better with you now X

Dawny said...

thank you :-)

and yes i agree with you about the linky thing too.

Hannah said...

Awww thank you :o)
The slugs are soooo not getting my seedlings this year. I have been saving up plastic drinks bottles to cut up and use as mini cloches until they are established!

Grit said...

and thank you for a list of blogs to check out! i am continuously inspired by so many projects out there, and of all your ideas i am a shameless nicker.

and i agree about that gloatingly smug feeling past the school gates as we are on our way to another holiday day!

Claire said...

Thank you ever so much.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, sorry I'm so late! I didn't notice my name on that list until just now - doh! My head's all over the place at the moment - but thank you very much, I shall place the award on my blog with pride :) xxx