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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing....

Making a tyre swing with Daddy.

Idea taken from The boy in striped Pyjamas film.After seeing a trailer Milly asked to watch this.She decided not to watch the whole film but loved the swing he had , so her and Alan set about using one of the old tyres we had used in the veg patch last year.

Photo's by Emily.

After putting a wooden frame inside,Al then drilled through and threaded strong rope through the tire and wood.Milly added a nice comfy cushion to pad it out and off she went.

Took this one this morning,I love the dreamy look on her face while she twiddles with her toe:-)


Shirl said...

What a cool swing!

Seeing the paper dolls in the previous post took me back. D used to spend hours playing with paper dolls, she had a huge collection: wow, only seems like yesterday.

Time just whizzes past much too quickly!

Shirl x

Claire said...

I hope she gets as much pleasure from her swing as H does. Craig put up a tree swing with a spare piece of decking wood we had lying around. It cost us nothing really but it has given hours and hours of pleasure.