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Sunday, 29 June 2008

A day of two halves.

Things started slowly today with a nice lie in and then pottering about until we went out at twelve.We were going to support our local village hall, the commitee had arranged an open garden day and Milly was very keen to go around so she decided to dress up for the occasion.

We are going to see Mcfly in concert in August and have purchased a top with stars on,it seems stars are important for Mcfly!! Anyhow she has been wearing it over the last few days with leggings but came down this morning with it over a skirt and leggings combo.Then she added the leg warmers and asked me to customize a pair of long socks my sister had bought her for christmas that had toes in, she could never wear them as socks so asked me to cut off a little bit of the toes to make them into fingerless gloves.

A picture of the effect from the back.

We managed to get round a few gardens,my favourite was actually an allotment, the lady is a real inspiration.She spends hours and hours on her plot she has a greenhouse/shed arrangement where she grows things but can also sit in a comfy chair listen to music and have a cuppa.She dosen't throw anything away and has utilised allsorts as plant supports, frames have been made from old metal bunk beds and wire fridge baskets and yet it all looks so good and not at all like a junk yard.

After a while our plan to go out before lunch proved flawed.We did get round one half of the village before Emily decided she had had enough and needed some food.Managed to keep in my mind a wonderful quote I read on the New Unschooler the other day and went to the hall for some tea and cakes.The revised plan to accomodate Emily was that Alan would carry on round and I would go home with Milly and get lunch ready and then I would try to get out after lunch whilst they took Beauty off to St Bees to go along the coastal path.As it turned out the plan changed again Al came home and after lunch they decided to head off and get back for tea rather than having the picnic tea they had planned. Talk about adapting and going with the flow!!!!

Milly just couldn't resist the water.

Recreating the famous scene from the blog header ;-))

Dog and girl in heaven.

We are so lucky to live so close to this.

Emily striking a windswept pose.

Having a little breather.

While they were out I had a list of jobs,the quiet start to the day turned into a marathon cooking session.I had soup to make for one night this week,I had all the veg in the fridge but I hadn't got it used for tea during the last week and it was starting to go limp so I needed to use it up ,bolognese sauce to make ready to go in a Lasagne one night this week,similar reason as I had got the mince out of the freezer but had not used it,write letters,send emails,secret sauce for homemade pizza to make and freeze,tonights tea to prepare.

Under normal cicumstances I would never choose to do this many jobs but I didn't have a good week health wise and things kind of piled up.As we have quite a few things on this week I needed to get these done and it will save me making meals when I have had busy days out.So it will all pay off in the end.

Never did get out to see the rest of the gardens and was still hard at it when the intrepid explorers came back.All were suitably tired,Beauty flopped down in the sunroom not to be heard from for a couple of hours.Emily went in a bath then listened to a story tape flat out on her bean bag while I finished prepping tea and trying to sort out some computer problems.Unbeknown to me after Emily had come down Alan decided to have a lie down and fell asleep .He only got up in time for tea because he woke himself up snoring!!!

Blogger isn't checking spelling.I am shattered and am sure there must be many but hey ho.....


Stacie said...

I love Milly's outfit! I really wish I had the guts to wear stuff like that because there is a part of me buried deeply that really wants to. But for some reason I am very conservative in my dress.

You are so lucky to live so close to that beautiful water. I love the pictures! What is that little rock pond Emily is sitting at the edge of?

Lisa G said...

You are definitely so lucky to live near that coast, I would love to live close to the sea.

dawny said...

fantastic photos :-)
thank you for popping into my blog :-)
d x

dawny said...

lynn, i've started a private blog , if you go to my usual address it will give you details.

Claire said...

Fantastic pictures. I love Milly's outfit.

Claire said...

Not so much a 'comment' as a little note. Please feel free to read then delete :-)

My blog is changing. Would you like to drop me a line so I can send you an invite? wootie@blueyonder.co.uk

Everyone is still welcome and I'm going to leave my old blog up so as people can get in touch, just decided this is better for us at this moment in time.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are stunning!!

Moo said...

What a lovely blog you have and such beautiful photographs too!

You are quite inspiring. I look forward to reading more.

Schuyler said...

I followed you from Radical Unschooling. I used to live up near Claire. I was just posting that on the UK Unschoolers list. So there you go. Lovely pictures!

Amanda said...

I love your coastal photos - us too right by the sea ... wouldn't have it any other way.

Take care chick
from The Good Life

~K~ said...

Hey love your blog. I came over from RUN to read. It's beautiful. That outfit for the beach with the fingerless toes was very well put together, I'd say. Very nice to meet ya. It's a sweet life, eh?