"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I'M BACK ;-))

An unscheduled sleepover is taking place. Much hilarity at the moment as the two girls and Alan bring the mattresses down into the living room.A couple of reasons why they are not sleeping in Emily's room,number one being the fact that 3 guinea pigs are residing in there, we've been looking after them for two weeks for a friend and that's the best place for them so they aren't scared to death by the dog and cat!! The other reason is that when they are in the living room I can't hear all the giggling and whispering so am more likely to get "some" sleep.

A and Emily went swimming with Alan this afternoon whilst I did all the housework,I know it might seem that I got the short end of the straw but we have found that if we take turns and one of us goes out with Emily on a Saturday afternoon the other one can do some housework as most of the house rarely gets touched during the week.I have moved a long way out of my tidying comfort zone and the upstairs is basically left the whole week,the bathroom being an exception and that may get a quick going over midweek.I do vacuum downstairs most days, having a cat and a dog really makes that a necessity and I tend to gather stuff up and take it upstairs as I go up throughout the day, makes for a clear living space during the week but an almighty pile to sort out upstairs ;-)

A came over to play when they got back and then as her sister was having a sleepover at her friends house the two of them thought it would be a good idea for them to have one too.I am hoping they don't spend all night awake as we are going off for lunch and having a walk to celebrate my Brother in laws birthday tomorrow.There is also the chance Emily will try her hand at Kayaking.A tired and grumpy Milly could make hard work of the day.

It actually feels good to be back blogging ;-)
I have had a crap couple of weeks, lot's of emotional stuff going on which in turn has a big impact on my Chronic fatigue symptoms.Home edding with low energy and high emotions is a tricky job:-(

When I started the Hypnotherapy course I knew it was going to be a really deep experience and felt it was just what I needed and it certainly has been.
This is what Rezwanna say's in her first leaflet I got.

We are going to create a clear focused mind,a happy mind, these create in the physical body a sense of well being.The two of these are 100% connected.

The aim is to give you, the power to access the source of existence itself.'life force energy' the positive force.
Expanding the miracle of life and channeling it for your own well being.

How to visualise what you want from life, make it happen by focusing your mind to create it.

How to deal with the hurdles in life, not to take on others emotions.To create the life you want.

Much of this is dependant on your state of health.So we are going to look at how to make yourself strong, by understanding how the breath connects you to the 'life force energy'.

Understanding how to be alert,focused, but have inner relaxation.

Understanding ,balancing and nourishing your 5 vital organs.Your vital organs ;Lungs,heart, liver,spleen and kidneys determine your state of mind,therefore to be balanced the energy into your organs must be balanced.

Understanding that meditation, hypnosis is a very important factor to all of this.Understanding the three minds and it is only through meditation, hypnosis that we can disconnect the conscious mind, connect with the subconscious mind,which is the pathway to communication to the external self(soul)

Understanding how to enjoy life, be childlike and have fun and be responsible when needed also.Enjoying ourselves at the deepest level from moment to moment, then we truly feel alive.

Sounds like a great end product doesn't it:-))

I have been using meditation and Homeopathy alongside other complimentary therapies for quite a few years now and I strongly believe they have been instrumental in the significant improvement in my emotional and physical well being.

This course incorporates techniques from many different cultures and faiths Buddhism, Taoism being two.It also ties in with many books and spiritual readings I have seen over the years.The group has settled into around 7 or 8 of us who go regularly, some of the ladies I knew from my monthly meditation group some I had never met before and it feels good to be supported by and supportive of, the group.

We have been doing some work on healing the inner child and this has been quite emotional but so rewarding.Rezwanna is such an inspiration, she is very down to earth and funny but is so wise and intuitive.She is charging a nominal amount for the classes and I believe she really wants to make a difference not a fortune;-)

Instead of blogging I have found the time to read the daily digests I have been recieving from the Unschooling basics Yahoo group I joined ages ago.I have felt for some time that I was going through a transitional period. I had a good grip on what unschooling looks like but have been struggling to understand Radical unschooling and how that could work for us.I read the philosophy and 'feel' it is right for us but translating that into day to day and how to make it work was harder.Reading all the topics on the list has helped enormously as has a new Radical Unschoolers group that has just been set up.I think a lot of people think of unschooling and radical unschooling as an easy option and that the parents take a very hands off approach to schooling and parenting. As I delve even deeper into it I am reminded that is far from the case.Radical unschooling excites me,I am enjoying the whole process of growth that we as a family are going through, even though it is not always painless.We have quite a way to go but I will keep on reading and learning,however that will have to stop on Learn nothing day :-))


Lisa G said...

Unschooling excites me too and I think you are absolutely right it's far from an easy option. There is no curriculum to fall back on, there are no step by step workbooks....for me it's very much about being hyper aware of my daughter's interests and needs and facilitating them in whichever direction they are going, it's about being available for any discussion or questions that come up, getting out and about whenever possible and being there for her and more... so not the easy option!

dawny said...

the hypnotherapy sounds exhausting, hope it goes well. x

Claire said...

good to see you back :-)

K said...

Hi Lynn, really enjoying your blog, especially the insights about unschooling. I'm very new to home ed and still unsure of how I'm going to approach it, so its hugely helpful getting a peek at other people's experiences. Thankyou! x

Moo said...

So sorry to hear about your bad times recently, but glad to hear you're now feeling better. Chronic fatigue must be so difficult to deal with. Your blog is very inspiring and I believe you're doing an amazing job!

Patricia said...

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