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Friday, 14 November 2008

It's not so bad...

Having to juggle who has the car is proving a little bit of a pain now.I am so used to having access to it and not having to plan things.I am missing that spontaneity.We have a bus service of sorts!!Every couple of hours we can get a bus to the two nearest towns ,trouble is there is not much to do apart from shopping and that is not high on Emily's agenda of fun things to do;-)

Luckily however,I have a daughter who would probably not mind if we never had to go out again,she adores being at home.She never has to get out of PJ's, although this is evidence that going out in them isn't actually a problem for her!!She very often leaves them on to go on a walk with Al when he gets home from work.

So our days have been spent doing a lot of reading.We have finished Percy Jackson and now look forward to next May when the final one comes out.Alan and Emily have been reading Micheal Murpogo Alone on a wide seaThey very often slope up to lay on our bed for half an hour or so while I make tea as well as reading before bed.And I have just started reading Jacqueline Wilson's Kiss to her.

I bought a set of bells from Bright minds.I hoped Emily would take to them as she has been enjoying investigating music recently.I left them on the table and the next morning as soon as she saw them she started to play and she spent a long time learning Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle and Old McDonald.I took these at 9 o'clock at night when she was in full flow ;-)This is a girl who usually shy's away from anything involving the coordination it takes to do this, so I was so happy she enjoyed them.

The next morning she was back to it this time with added bubble power!!

She worked out her own way of laying out the bells which seemed as though it would be complicated but it worked just fine for her.I managed to keep my mouth shut and not give any unsolicited advice ;-)
We started a structure with marshmallows and toothpicks and she decided we should make a model of the Titanic.When she got out the book to look at the model she decided it was perhaps a little ambitious!

Milly has been recording some stories on her Dictaphone that my Mum and Dad bought her.She had filled it and initially had said she wanted to have the stories typed out and it sat in my filing tray waiting.I reminded her now and again and said I would type them out (she would need to be with me to keep stopping the machine and decide on bit's she didn't want in )but she kept putting it off.the other day she decided she didn't need to keep all the old stories and got Alan to delete them and she went off in to the living room to record a fresh.

She has been drawing many characters that are in her stories as well, a few of which she has said I can share with you.As with everything else, Emily has her own style and does not want advice or assistance.She won't draw in pencil so she can rub out mistakes she draws in Biro.These drawings have been evolving over time,little details are perfected and new things added.She is not interested in books that give step by step guidance.I love her drawings, they are quirky and individual I hope she continues to follow her own tune and continues to get as much enjoyment out of doing them as she does now.

This is a goth girl with her daemon and a skull on her t'shirt and a low slung belt chain.

Another goth girl,with black makeup round her eye's. She has 100's of bangles on her arms and stripey fingerless gloves.

Here is Lissy who is a big player in a lot of her stories about Bolvanger.She has a golden compass bag on and her daemon Pan is in her pocket.

This was the first one Emily drew with short hair as she had always wanted her girls to have long hair.

The last two night have been still, so we have had tea and then lit the burner and spent a couple of hours outside.

Rice pudding from the slow cooker Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Milly has bounced( I joined her for a while tonight we had such a laugh)she has swung high,and she has talked and talked and talked:-)

It really isn't so bad that Alan needs the car,our life here is never hectic it is usually a slow relaxed pace but not having the car lets me off the hook, it means we have had even more time to let things develop at home and not feel guilty that you need to be out there doing something,learning something,seeing someone.It's good to just chill and spend time together .......


Shirl said...

Great drawings and I love those bells. We are car-less too at the mo; I don't mind, it's too cold to be out and about anyway lol!

Michelle said...

I love being at home. Wish C did too.

Sam said...

So you're still busy, just in different ways :-) Perfect for wintry months.

The drawings are great - I love all the details - and the dictaphone is a fantastic idea, which I am going to steal ;-)

I might have to add the handbells to our christmas list. It looked like a lot of fun.

Grit said...

life at your house looks relaxed! bells will be off the christmas lists here though. the sound of shark banging away on those 20 hours a day might just tip me over the edge.

Colleen said...

It sounds like you guys are having such a wonderful time! Jerry loved the Percy Jackson books and we're also eagerly awaiting the final installment. Have you guys read the "Gregor the Overlander" books. They're really good and she might like them if she liked Percy. I love her drawings, by the way!

Claire said...

Sounds like you have been busy at home. I think it's lovely to be busy and cosy indoors when the weather's as nippy as it's been.