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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Halloween fun

Alan ended up having a week off work,his strains and sprains are still causing pain but he is mobile and feeling much better now.The bike is still in the garage and it may be a while before we get it back.We are having to juggle things a bit so we can have the car some days and he will get the bus and other days he will have the car or he will get the bus in and we will pick him up after work.Hope it won't go on for too long!! We are looking into getting a second car when the bike is fixed, but it will have to be really cheap and at the moment we are weighing up the pro's and con's.

We have taken a few photo's over the last few days.Milly has been experimenting with different camera angles!!
For Halloween she wanted to go trick or treating before we went off to a party hosted by our friends.We did her hair and makeup and she asked me to put some makeup on and do my eyes, here are the results plus some of the other things we have been up to this weekend.

She didn't want all the over the top stuff with white face and blood we usually do.She wanted to be a vampire.

A very sweet looking vampire!

Swirls on the eyes and a bat on her cheek.Two red vampire teeth marks hidden by the skulls scarf.Off she went trick or treating with Al.They didn't go to many houses she only wanted to be out a short time and came back with a reasonable amount of goodies.She tucked in to a few sweets and then told me about the man who had given her a home grown apple and a satsuma.She decided they were her favourite things,although the apple prooved to be sour and too hard.....

A few pictures by Milly using some "interesting"close up angles!!

Pumpkin carving,Milly enjoyed pulling out the insides and drew the design,then I carved it out.

Sunday was a beautiful day.We started off the morning slowly. I began to bake banana bread pretending to be the ships cook in a game we were playing, while Alan and Emily sailed to Bolvanger on the dining room table!! I then realised I had no eggs and Alan whizzed off to a local farm where they have eggs for sale.They leave them at the end of the drive with a box for the money to go in and you help yourself.£2.00 for a dozen free range eggs.(Edited to add)Didn't read well when I looked at it. I was making the point that they were a good buy, not that I had ripped them off by only paying £2.00;-)
Emily's friend A was coming to lunch and then we were all going off to the cinema to see Mamma Mia so we decided to bake soame fairy cakes that they could ice after lunch.I got out the ingredients and as I laid the seive down on the counter saw it made a nice pattern, so I wondered if Emily would be interested in some flour art!!

I cleared the counter after we had done the cakes and she came over and saw the design and set about working with it in a Milly fashion!!

Add some water

Mix and mould.

What about some coloured water?

Mmmmmmmm lovely

Ok could we make a volcano? With black food colouring?

What about more vinegar and some red food colouring?

Wow,I love it.....

While we were baking utube had provided us with the background music.After baking what better than a little table dancing to Elvis?

She had searched out the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams,she had heard them on the radio while in the car with Alan the other day and really liked the song.On the side bar on u tube Marylin Manson also had a version so she decided to look at it.Rather different to the Eurythmics!! She said she wouldn't be saving it to her favourites,she didn't like the version of the song but was very interested in the video.She reckoned he was like a zombie and didn't think he would have a daemon,it seemed he had no soul,it had probably died at birth!!

We have lovely mature tree's in the garden.The down side is the amount of work they take at this time of year:-( Alan didn't mind too much today as it was nice and dry and hardly took any work at all to get a big pile.


Shirl said...

Great photos Lynn and what a wicked pumpkin ... :0)

Dawny said...

brill photos , nice to see you too, to put a face to the name :-)
what a lot of flowery fun lol

jbantau said...

This looks like it was one of those perfect days. Playing with flour and dancing on the table...we will definitely have to try both.

Sam said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun. I loved the flour volcano :-)

Grit said...

what a fantastic flour mess! (and great eye make up!)

Amanda said...

Living with Milly looks like it is interesting and exciting. I love the photos you have posted, love the face paints, the volcano, the pumkin ...all of it.

Lynn said...

Hi guys thanks for your comments ;-)
Emily did do a good job of making the pumpkin look scary didn't she Shirl?

Dawny, I know what you mean about putting a face to a name and have been thinking over the last few weeks I would like to "come out" LOL I hate having photo's taken though,so when Emily said we should put them on the blog I decided to go ahead and you never know I may appear here more often now!!

Jbantau,Milly has enriched my life in so many ways and watching her dance on the table with such complete abandon as if it the most natural thing in the world to do is a joy to watch.If I didn't hit my head on the ceiling I would be up there too;-)

Hi Grit,she has very definate ideas of how the eye makeup should look !!

Amanda,you are so right, it is interesting and exciting.I am glad you enjoyed the pics.

love and hugs to you all, thanks for reading and commenting xxx