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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Flat pack marathon!!!

Had a very busy day at Ikea with Al,funny just the two of us with no Emily to flit about in between the furniture and try out every sofa,bed or chair ;-)

We got everything we needed and the only hiccup was about the furniture I had chosen for the sun room.I had spent ages thinking about the colour scheme and decided on a walnut bookcase and Tv stand.As we were looking at them Alan asked if I was sure as it might be a little dark.Well, that sowed a seed of doubt and what seemed like hours later after looking at the units over and over again I changed my mind and we bought the light birch finish.On the way home all the way on the 2 hour journey I was kicking myself,I really felt I had made a mistake,but still wasn't sure.

The next day we opened up the box to build it up and even though it was a nice colour it was the exact opposite to what I had planned and I knew without a doubt it was wrong for our room and there was no way I could live with it.I was so annoyed with myself.Alan been the kind of guy he is suggested taking it back and he set off that afternoon and exchanged it taking 6 hours to make the return journey and do the exchange..Have I mentioned how much I love him:-))

Thankfully all the bits (so far) have been in the boxs and we have finished putting up the furniture in the sunroom and the dining room is nearly completed( this was mainly moving furniture from other rooms)just the living room to go and there is a small matter of furniture to sell before we can order the sofas or put up some of the new furniture.Had some luck and have sold a few things and am planning to do some leaflets to go on local noticeboards and post them round the houses in our village and the neighbouring ones to try and shift the bigger peices ASAP.Fingers crossed or else we will have to live with what looks like a furniture showroom in our living room.


Shirl said...

Wow, a 6 hour round trip to IKEA, now that's what I call a good husband!

Mon said...

Tops points for hubby! lol

Those lights also make things look differently than what they'll look when you gt them back home.

On a tangent... I recently saw the toys from ikea online and am now missing ikea! There's an ikea supplier, amazingly enough, in town, and the stuff is 75% more. yikes!