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Friday, 19 June 2009


Things didn't go quite to plan this week!!

Milly came down with sickness bug.She wasn't actually sick but because she really fears being sick she couldn't settle to sleep.We have had some very late nights:-(
Alan and I have both been feeling nauseous too.

Been keeping up with all the info about the review,not had enough time or brainpower to format any response yet.

We have decided to invest in some camping gear and will probably start with a smaller tent for weekends/short breaks away.The aim being to get some practice then go further afield next year.So many options in tents.Looking forward to coming back and doing some serious research.

I am finishing off some cooking for a picnic,waiting for pizzas to cool so they can go in the fridge then I am off to bed.

Off for a short break to Yorkshire tomorrow:-)


Michelle said...

all I will say is Thermarst Drreamtime XL for a good night's sleep ;-).

And sewn in groundsheet.

Actually have a lot to say but will leave it at that for now and maybe try and track down my camping list.

Wildly Cam said...

Hope the nausea subsides soon. It really is such a yucky feeling!

Yay for camping! Some of my best memories are of camping with my father's family in the Smoky Mtns. We went all over TN, SC, NC, and it was a blast. Communal showers, not so much, but the rest of it was awesome!

Sounds like you have so much going on right now. Hope you get a break for some peace and quiet soon! :)

Big mamma frog said...

Definitely get a tent with a built-in groundsheet, less risk of leaks and floods, and the highest waterproofing possible. Inner tents are good to cut down on dampness from condensation, but can seem a faff for just a weekend. And it's always handy to take one of those small beach shelter tent things too - great for dumping muddy clothes and boots into before getting into the tent - saves alot of mess! Oh too many things to mention. Anyway, we love camping, been doing it for years, but our tent is huge, more like a village hall than a tent! We don't do minimalist very well lol. Hope you guys all feel better soon.

Lisa G said...

Hope you are all feeling better now.

Claire said...

Hope you are both fully recovered now.

I think my advice would be to buy the best tent you can afford and preferably one with zipped in ground sheets. You can often pick up other things cheaply. I've just picked up a camping kitchen stand off Freecycle - but none of that sort of stuff matters if your tent is crap and leaks :-)

Grit said...

i am still trying to pluck up the courage to go camping again after last time, so i need good reports to encourage me... bear that in mind now, and no pressure!