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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Trip to Yorkshire.

After a good run of wanting to blog every day I have found little motivation to write anything lately.

A couple of reasons being the good weather we were having and then computer meltdowns!! One other ingredient in the mix has been the incredible hot sweats I have been having,I have had such disrupted nights that I resemble a zombie during the day,it is taking me all my effort to remember what day it is, let alone write anything that might be in any way interesting;-)So off to see my homeopath tomorrow and also have info on diet changes to help ease the symptoms.Fingers crossed the coming weeks will be easier.

Any how here a a few pics of out time in Yorkshire,staying in Ripon at my lovely aunt and uncles house for a few days while they were away on holiday.

A visit to York and a park and ride journey that had Milly bubbling,so funny the things that make a visit special,she just loved being sat right at the front:-)

A second visit to Yorvick for Emily and I,a first for Alan.You travel through time in a pod and journey through a Viking settlement.Milly loved being able to share the ride with Alan,then as is usual,she completely ignored the part with the artifacts and information and headed to the shop.I did linger for a short time but there was a school group being ushered around and I decided to join Emily and Alan in the shop.

Then a walk around Fountains Abbey,memories of my childhood as it was a regular haunt for family picnics way back when :-)

The day was incredibly hot and I was not on top form which inevitably meant that Emily wasn't either,so a rather fractious walk with Emily desperate to find some water to swim in,and me finding it very difficult to be as tolerant as I would normally be.We saw plenty of water but nowhere suitable to get in.We walked quite a long way and then the heavens opened, despite trying to shelter in the trees we got soaked.Somehow the change in weather enabled a change in our moods and things started to improve.A walk back to the car with trees to climb, deer to get close to and three very wet, but very happy campers.

We had made a conscious decision not to travel too far afield and had lovely lazy mornings before a short trip out then back home for tea and then Milly and Alan would head over to the park and wander around Ripon and down the canal before arriving home late in the evening.Milly really loved Ripon and it was three whole days into the trip before she began pining for home and her animals.A good trip, very relaxing and great to actually spend some time revisiting places I remembered from childhood.


cindytanady said...

Hey Thanks for sharing a wonderful vacation..
u sure had great photos there
i'll be waiting for your next post

Great Day!!

Cindy Tanady

All Parenting Secret

Hannah said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Lynn.
It looks like you had a great time up in Yorkshire :o)