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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A little bit of colour....

I have been neglecting my little blog. I have a post about our weekend away to Northumberland started and will try to get that finished some time soon.I have also started a couple of times to write about the whole Badman thing.To be perfectly honest I have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.I have kept up to date reading lists and blogs and by the time I have done that and tried to assimilate the info my brain has been fried,it really is energy sapping and I don't have much to spare:-/

Although I haven't felt able to write about it, I have signed the petitions and done a lot of  the things that have been suggested .The local home ed group had a meeting with our MP.We had two meetings beforehand to go through the review and discuss the points we wanted to raise and although I was on holiday and couldn't make it I sent him a lengthy letter.I am in awe and send my thanks for the work that has been done by so many home edders to publicise and inform about the process.

Things are ticking along here, we have had a quiet period after the hols.

Milly decided she would have her hair cut and coloured.

She had been resisting brushing it for days at a time and then we had major trauma when it needed to be washed .She was not keen to have it washed at all but didn't want it to get so tangled that it couldn't be brushed out. She didn't want it to go into dreads and was scared that she would have to have it cut off really short because of the tangles so would wash it periodically.Anyhow after the last wash she decided she would like to put a colour on and then the day before she was due to have it done she said she would have some cut off! We bought a temporary dye and the hairdresser that comes to the house to do Alans hair put it on and cut it for her.



Now she loves it so much she wants another couple of inches off.

No more tears when brushing!!


MilliiMorgue said...

It really suits her (Y) amahazing xD
I was gonna say something else here but I forgot :L

:) B-E-A-Youtiful xD

Debs said...

Milly's hair looks really lovely :) xxx

Anonymous said...

It's still long and it looks healthy and shiny. You're a smart mom! Getting a new 'do may just inspire her to do more brushing! :)