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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Happy Halloween...

A busy day today,we had lots of little things to do.Alan set about putting together two playmobile castles.Emily had one and  A (our nephew) had brought his over one day. They had dismantled them and made one big castle.Now they both want to sell them and all we had was a bag of pieces and one that A had put together and then informed us we had some parts missing to  make up the second:-/

As it turned out (after Alan had nearly finished putting the second one together ) A had been creative and added an extra storey to a tower on the castle and that's where the spare parts were! Anyhow good job done and now ready for sale.

Emily and I  pottered around ,she sat with me whilst I carved her design out of the pumpkin.Milly decided last year after doing one herself that she really doesn't like the smell or texture, but does still like to design the face and See it lit up.

Some more reading up on Wolves for Emily.

We went to the library and while Emily was looking at the audio books I asked the assistant if they had any books on wolves.I had just requested books with mainly photos in and at this point Emily came back and declared that she wanted books with lot's of facts and information as she really wanted to know more about them!It's happening slowly but surely. She is voluntarily picking books up and reading /scanning and then sharing her found info with us and others:-)

We were heading off to a friends house for a party this evening and Al would be left to hand out treats so I made up a tray and added a few touches to the hall. A bit feeble, but as usual I leave things til the last minute! Every year I think about decorating and this is the first year I have done anything at all so a move in the right direction:-))

Emily and Al went off for a walk whilst I had a bath and got ready. Then full on prep following her design, for Vampire Emily!
She looks soooo grown up!!

We enjoyed a really good party.Tom and her family had created a great atmosphere and put in a huge amount of work.This would have been exceptional under normal circumstances but the last two weeks have been really hard, a close family member has been very ill in hospital and Maria has spent a great deal of time camped out at the hospital.Tom (Emily) and her boyfriend N had worked really hard at their costumes and the plans for food etc.So a very big thank you for a great evening. Milly enjoyed herself enormously and the treasure hunt in the dark had them all buzzing!!

Back home and just one more group of trick or treaters for Emily to hand out sweets.

Found this little fella in the living room when we got back with his nose in a book!! Seems he was keen to find out what happened next in the Lady Grace Mystery:-)

After changing to this new blogger posting thingy I was moaning about the lack of spellcheck.Googled for online spellcheck the other day and found the google toolbar with spellcheck option:-))


MilliiMorgue said...

glad you liked the party :) It was really fun and tiring (especially as I was on !!) but it came out all right in the end - i was well chuffed.
I think Milly looked gorgeous, btw. And glad you liked the treasure hunt :)
See you soon :)

(By the way, Nialls alright with having his name on blogs) xx

Lynn said...

You did a really great job! It seems to come naturally to you. I sensed you were a little under par,now I know why:-/
Grandad been ill will have taken it's toll on you all as well.I do hope you are managing to have a quiet week to recoup! xx

Jules said...

Great costume :o)
Enjoyed reading the post, trying to get updated with the going on in blogland again!

Anonymous said...

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