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Friday, 30 October 2009

Art appreciation :-)

I took Emily along for a session of cranial osteopathy this morning.It meant getting up and out for 10.30 . I know this should not be a problem,plenty of time to get up at 9.00 and be out on time ,surely ? Well, add in to the equation very long hair that hasn't been brushed for three days and a tired and emotional Emily and the process took rather longer than anticipated:-/

By the time we left the house good spirits were restored, thankfully!

We got to the clinic on time and sat in the waiting room. As we had a few minutes to wait Emily took out one of her notebooks(at least one is taken on any outing)and started going through it to find a clean page.There were many pages of drawings of the "lady's" she likes to draw and also (a new departure) a comic strip story about one of them ,and a few pages full of her stories.She eventually found a clean page. The lady sitting next to me had obviously watched her go through the book,she lent over to me and with a smile said,

"I  do believe she will make her living doing that" I answered that I believed that too:-) She went on to tell us about her son, a graphic designer, who has worked for some top companies.She said that when he was about Emily's age he was the same and would draw the same things over and over again.He had his own style and a passion for doing it. At school coming up to A level exams, the art teacher told the parents that he would never be able to earn a living from it!

She was very taken with Emily's individual style.She said so many people see good drawing as art and that there is so much more to it than being able to draw a figure perfectly or to be able to copy a picture.True individuality is much rarer than people who can draw well.She encouraged Emily to keep following her passion and to believe in herself.

She made my day! I hope Emily took something from the conversation and that she might think twice before comparing her endeavours to other peoples work.


Hannah said...

It's lovely when things like that happen isn't it :o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. My son has dysgraphia--he hates to write, but he loves to draw. I think it's affirming to our kids when their uniqueness is valued!

MilliiMorgue said...

Niall thinks Milly's good too and has a future in drawing :) Much more then he thinks he does :L
I can't draw :( I'm envious of Milly's skill!!

Lynn said...

Hannah, yes it certainly is:-) It really gave me a boost.xx

Wit and Whimsy,sometimes it helps to come from such an unexpected corner too! It is easy to believe your parents are biased but to hear it from a stranger is not as easy to ignore:-)

thankyou to you and Niall :-)
I have said before that I think you can draw but your confidence has been knocked somehow and you believe you can't do it.You are a very talented girl in so many ways;-) xx