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Friday, 23 October 2009

Ayrshire Holiday..

We spent a week away at the beginning of the month in Saltcoats at the Park Resorts caravan Park. I can say little about the park that is positive! The staff we spoke to on reception were very friendly so it wasn't all bad :-/

To be honest I wasn't expecting luxury, the holiday was paid for using Tesco vouchers and we knew it was going to be basic accommodation. We had been keen to go to Edinburgh but our options for places to go in Scotland were limited to two sites, one of which didn't have heated caravans available. So Saltcaots it was.

The caravan was adequate. It was mainly just a base to explore the area and apart from Alan and Emily( I went once and the state of the changing rooms ensured I didn't venture there again!) using the swimming pool we didn't spend too much time on the actual site.

Tom came with us and brought along Brendan the guitar:-) He was very quiet during this holiday though =D

It was a very relaxed holiday, quiet mornings before setting out and about for the day and most nights we were all going to bed by 10ish.I was concerned that it was tooo quiet for Tom! The first couple of nights Milly's behaviour was really quite extreme,really hard to handle it and I lost my temper!Got past it and the rest of the week was fine..

 We enjoyed a few games of Monopoly. Tom (with Emily as her team member) was the winner of the week with the highest total (remind me what it was again Tom!) Tom showed us a card game we hadn't played before called Go fish. We showed Tom Black jack and she had the idea to search for some poker chips and have a Las Vegas type game.

In the end we couldn't find them but Al got some coppers from the arcade change machine and we used them as our stake:-) Good fun and Tom was again overall winner. Alan then split the leftover money, so they both got to keep the coppers.

I have some pictures but they are on Emily's laptop (Tom had taken some with her camera when mine ran out of batteries and she has downloaded them onto the laptop) and for some reason blogger is not working properly when I log in on her account and I can't get the pictures when logged in on my account:-/

I have tried to use a memory stick to transfer them onto the PC but there is not enough memory on either of our sticks:-/ I have tried various other tactics like sharing the file on the laptop (says it is shared but can't find out where it is) no luck!!!! The next step is to transfer some of the pics with the memory stick and do it in two or three go’s. Hoping to do that soon. At the moment we are sitting together in the living room, me on here and Milly on the laptop.She is on MSN talking with Tom.

She likes me to be logged in on MSN as well and keeps sending me nudges and little love notes:-)

This post has taken me ages LOL.

Will try later to access the pictures and do a seperate post.

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MilliiMorgue said...

£14, 820

Brendon wasn't very well ... he had tuning difficulties :(