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Monday, 12 October 2009

Masses of washing,Mp3 and mystery film!

We have a quiet day planned today. I have to wait in for a delivery this morning and a parcel is being collected this afternoon so an ideal opportunity for a lazy day. The holiday (will blog later) was a relaxed affair but I do still need time to catch my breath :-)

We did not seem to have a minute yesterday. Before we go away on hols we always have a good tidy (I do like to come back to a tidy house, even if it does not stay like that for long!) it seemed like a good idea to change the bedding so we could get into a nice fresh bed when we got home. It was indeed lovely to climb into a crisp clean bed on Saturday .However the mountain of washing we faced when combined with the clothes from holiday means we still haven’t got through it all! Spending the day turning clothing on all the radiators is not my idea of fun!


The other thing that took up lots of my time was much more fun! On holiday, Emily’s MP3 player was not working well and so we bought her a new one. As she wanted a shiny red one that was more than we had to spend she paid half from her holiday spends. Alan managed to get the old one working and decided he would quite like to have a selection of his fav songs on as he walked Beauty. So I spent the afternoon ripping Cds and then we created a play list for him. I did the weekly menus, a big job now, as I have to point everything (weight watchers) and then ordered online. I had seen some books in WH Smith whilst on hols, checked them out on Amazon, and added them to my basket. My basket now stands at £100! It needs editing but can’t decide what to save for later:-( Milly is so into wolves at the moment and I have found some great books with fab photography and I know I won’t be able to wait till Xmas to give her them!


Milly had suggested we all watch a film. I have been stocking up on films that we haven’t seen. Morrison’s have some great bargains from £2.99 and Milly chose The Davinci Code. Alan and I have both read the book (thanks Maria) and apparently, our nephew had said Emily would enjoy it, as she likes a good mystery! I had expected her to tire of it but she loved it! I had to spend some time talking her through some of the issues but we were amazed at how perceptive she was ,she was telling us what she thought would happen next and what she would have done in the situations they got into :-)She is keen to see Angels and demons now.


Alan went up to bed and we sat for a while watching the X Factor results I had recorded. Around 11 Emily decided to go up and listen to her story Cd which had got to an exciting part. The library are now doing Play away tapes which are a little like an MP3 player with the story on and all you need are the earphones. Great little things and no faff with loads of Cd’s which inevitably gets left in the various machines around the house,depending on where she is listening. One she took on holiday lasted 9 hours! Great for the journeys.

Milly has appeared and it is high time I got dressed and started the day!


Hannah said...

Looking forward to hearing about your holiday :o)

MilliiMorgue said...

sounds fun.. sorry about my washing :(

RAM said...

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