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Thursday, 29 October 2009

A bargain to solve a problem.

Some time ago I began the great declutter project! The aim was to clear any unused furniture, toy’s (with Milly's permission) basically anything that wasn't being used and that would be unlikely to be used.I wanted to ensure every part of every room was used to it's full potential .I was quite ruthless and it involved changing the way we used all the rooms downstairs.In the dining room I made this little area for Emily to use with things out on the shelves so she could see (and hopefully) be inspired:-)

It worked quite well initially, but the biggest problem was the unit was really low down and uncomfortable to actually work on.

It has been quite a while since that was set up. Now that I have finished in the other rooms, I revisited this area. I decided we needed a craft type area, with space for masterpieces to be written and illustrated. We went off today to Impact housing(recycled furniture) and low and behold the perfect desk for £20!A couple of hours later we had it cleaned down and set up with the tools of the trade for a storyteller:-)


Grit said...

declutter. this is what i need to do. why oh why is it such hard work?! but you have such a tidy desk. and i am deeply envious of that!

Lynn said...

Decluttering began way back in Feb i think it was!! It has been a long and laborious process.

The photo was taken after Milly had spent time lovingly transfering her stash of notebooks into their new home:-) I will put money on it looking very different after it has had some use and has a few Emily touches(stickers,writing etc)added to it:-) xx

Hannah said...

That's a lovely desk, I think it was meant to be!

MilliiMorgue said...

I havent been to yours for ages!! That looks amazing! x

Lynn said...

Hannah, I think you are right;-)

Millii :-)
please don't wait to be invited,you only have to say the word and if we are free we will pick you up!
Yeah I was very pleased with it.xx