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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Adaptable Alan and weekend plans....

Milly often walks Beauty with Alan on an evening.They tend to set off from home and walk down the country lanes.On our way back home from our regular home ed group meet we talked about this evenings walk.I had gone with them last night and had a very pleasant walk while we played Emily's wolf game:-) I had said I  probably wouldn't go tonight because I was quite tired and didn't want to overdo it as we had all the packing to do tomorrow and then the journey to Northumberland on Friday (long weekend away,taking Emily's other best friend A with us) she was dissapointed and said she probably wouldn't go either.

When we got home and she had had time to think about it she said she did like going for the walks but it got so boring doing the same walks each evening.I asked where she would like to go and Buttermere was the answer,so she could go and see the place she had left the injured blackbird.I phoned Al at work to see if he was up for it, because it would get dark earlier they would need to set off as soon as he got home.I knew Al  had plans for tonight (nothing exciting! But jobs that he wanted to get done around the house before the weekend away) being the brilliant Dad  is, he said ,sure no problem:-) Within 5 minutes of coming home he was changed and they were off, with flasks of tea and snacks,towels and water shoes!

I have been doing some planning to try and fit as much as possible into the 4 days we are away.Travel time there and back from here obviously eats into that time.We have been to the same Caravan site many times and Milly has lot's of places she wants to show A.We are going to Beamish, which is a full day out on the Saturday so will have to be selective in the other places we go in the limited time we have.Hope the weather is dry so we can get to a couple of beaches we know are good for hunting fossils.

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