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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Holiday photo post.

The horrible caravan park that looked a bit like a concentration camp had a rather lovely beach 500 metres away =D
 Bear in mind that most folk walking had three layers on.She went prepared with cossie on, got to the beach, threw off her clothes and off she went.
Milly in heaven.

A visit to Kelburn Castle.After lunch we went exploring,The Secret Forest was a big hit:-)Whilst exploring the adventure playground Tom managed to get stuck on a platform at one point.She bravely faced her fears!Great fun was had in and out of fairy houses and mazes within the forest.We then walked around the grounds and ended up in the playbarn which at first glance looked very small but they had packed a great deal of fun into a small space.We had it to oursleves and when Emily couldn't face going down the death slide Tom just "had" to go on to help her summon the courage and then just "had " to have a go herself:-) Luckily we had the place to our selves and Alan even had a go.Just looked at this in preview and it is all going a bit strange!Not liking this new blogger image adding need to work it out but have no time now:-/

The outside of the castle had amazing graffitti on it.I think you would either love it or hate it.I loved it!

A train trip to the "Big city" for us country dwellers.Glasgow had Emily open mouthed at all the buildings and  enormous shops and hustle and bustle.We are definatley country folk.Tom loved it! We had made the trip specially for her and could have done with many more hours to explore the shops.Didn't get to see more than the shopping centre but may plan a trip in the future to see more of Glasgow.

Alan had seen some info about a Windfarm visitor center he thought would be interesting.The girls didn't agree:-) Tom very kindly offered to stay with Emily and they headed off to the beach whilst we took a longer drive than anticipated (one of those detours that always seem to occur on any journey we take!) really want to invest in a sat nav but Al won't hear of it,his argument is that we always get there in the end and don't need to spend so much money:-/
As it turned out it was quite an interesting visit,and a lovely site to walk amongst the turbines.Amazing how quiet they are.

Went to Pirate petes playbarn in Ayr and it was massive but Milly didn't really enjoy it.She was unhappy that two toddlers had shouted at her and then was concerned in case she went in to the wrong areas and went into the under fives play area by mistake:-/ Took a couple of walkrounds to show her she couldn't as it was all netted off but by then she had been put off.So out we went and found this outside for free!She played for over an hour and made a new friend! Tom sat with us chatting but couldn't resist trying some of the equipment out.


On the last morning we decided to visit another play area at Ardrossen to shake of the cobwebs before travelling.We had passed it a few times as we had been going out on day trips and she had wanted to go to  it.This trip involved a rather longer detour that we normally manage!!

Within half an hour of being home! PJ'S on and out on the swing making up stories:-)


Lisa G said...

That castle loks amazing!
Sounds like you had a good holiday despite the grotty caravan park.

Debs said...

Really great pictures, Lynn - I love that castle! :) xx

Michelle said...

I love the new header post so much. Very contemplative. Not the sheer sense of exhileration and freedom from the first ever pic but I really, really love it.

Sounds like a good break. xx

Lynn said...

Thanks Lisa and Debs xx

I wish I could say that was how I intended the picture to come out! The truth is it was a fluke and it must have been the position of the sun or something that gave it that effect!!

Regardless of that,I love it too.I would agree with the contemplative feel and that suits where we are at the moment:-) xx

MilliiMorgue said...

It was a devour, not a detour xD
Twas a fun trip :)