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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Last few days....

The last few days have included....

A whole day of batch cooking and freezing, firstly,Spaghetti bolognese and chilli con carne for Emily.I have a special tomato sauce I like to add in alongside the tins of toms I put in.
I boil up any veg I have available with a couple of tins of tomato and some stock,add garlic and basil simmer for quite a while so it reduces and thickens and then blitz and freeze.I use on pizza bases or in these two dishes.It adds a nice rich deep tomato flavour and has all the veggie goodness but in a way that is palatable for Em :-) I cook the bolognese and chilli for a long time on a low heat to make a lovely concentrated sauce.The chilli is frozen on its own to be defrosted and added to cous cous,but I mix the bolognese and pasta and freeze in portions for a very quick but nutritious meal.

I also made some sausage patties from a weight watchers recipe.

I froze them in portions ready for a tasty breakfast or lunch.
I also made a roasted red pepper and butternut squash soup that is very low in points and will be used over the Xmas period for lunches to balance out the festive foods I will be having :-)

There have been wintry walks with dog and Dad...

Not too much snow here but enough to get out with A for a snowball fight.

Making snowflake decorations for the sun room.

Shopping around for samples of wallpaper and paint samples for Emily's bedroom.

She saw some decs that had been reduced and thought they would look nice in her room.This one is now dangling from her dressing table mirror with some artistically positioned red tinsel.

 This one has not yet found a home.

This lovely bauble has been hung on one of the handles on her dressing table.

Playing imaginary games and having tickle fights.


Playing on the computer.

Listening to story Cd's.

Reading Percy Jackson.

Cleaning Emily's room.

Resisting this

and having this instead

 Getting weighed at the weekly meet and losing another 2 1/2 pounds.

Making cookies to take to friends.Twice cos I burnt the first lot:-(
Attending a pixies xmas party,well done again Millie,you really do put on a good party!!

Doing the Christmas food shopping.

Tomorrow is house cleaning, mince pie making and Alan finishes for the holidays :-))


Anonymous said...

Have a very Merry Christmas ... :0)
Weight Watchers is on my list in the New Year: the time has come!

Shirl x

Lisa G said...

Merry Christmas Lynn!

MilliiMorgue said...

Ha thanks :) xx