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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Now it really is Christmas eve!!

Been a busy bit very enjoyable day.

We started the day by opening a present.I always get Emily and I some new Xmas pjs and normally open them on the evening but was not sure if  the size I had got her would fit so thought it best to open them early and then we could have changed them if needed because I knew she would have been upset if she couldn't wear her new pjs to bed.Luckily they were the right fit and a big hit.

I will spare you a picture of me in mine ;-))
We finished the housework this morning and then I went into town to pick up a few bits and Alan and Emily took Beauty on a nice long walk.Town wasn't too busy but I was glad not to have to spend too long in there.

Lunch was followed by a brief period of respite before we set out to go into Keswick.Emily had been a few weeks ago with Al and decided it would be a nice to visit the Christmas market and wander round to see the lights on Christmas eve.We did wander and had a lovely time :-) We decided to share a bag of chips from the famous Old Keswickian chippy, tasty and really some of the nicest chips I have ever tasted.The fish is good too:-)

After a good walk round we went on to a friends house for her traditional Xmas eve open house.Had some nice food,did allow myself to have a rather nice buffet including a divine chocolate cheesecake without feeling at all guilty:-)
Saw some well known faces and met a few new.Hazels house is a Christmas wonderland for kids,there are fabulous displays and various singing/moving Santa's etc,all done in the best possible taste ;-) She is very generous and Emily always has a bag of presents to open.
Back home and out for a walk with Beauty,our traditional Xmas eve walk to see if we can see or hear Santa's sleigh.Lovely clear starry night.

Home and Milly had a baked potato ,she doesn't really "do" buffets and said she wasn't hungry due to major excitement.

We watched National Treasure and then Milly wanted to wash her hair.She had said it was feeling itchy and she didn't want anything to stop her getting to sleep and stop santa from coming.I blow dryed it and sang carols with her.

Alan has taken her to bed to read for a while.I am on late shift,Alan would do it, but I never settle on Chritmas eve and he can sleep no matter what!

Emily has asked me to ensure I am in bed by 12,I am going to go in a bath now and ensure she is sound asleep when I get out ;-)

I am expecting another early start to Christmas morning,but we have a very relaxed day in pjs to look forward to so its all good.

Night Night xxx

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