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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Keep on trekkin.....

Emily had riding lessons a couple of years ago.She enjoyed going for a while then decided to have a break from it.The stables then stopped doing lessons due to insurance costs.She never mentioned going again.

 Until a couple of weeks ago.
Luckily we knew of friends who had found a  farm offering lessons and heard good things about it from them.I rang and spoke to Sarah (riding instructor).I was keen to get a "feel" for her teaching style.We had a long conversation and I felt we were on the same page :-)

I got the impression Sarah was used to having parents far more interested in the children riding as quickly as possible and expecting her to push them hard. She was quick to point out that she would take things at Emily's pace.

My expectations for the lessons were that Emily should enjoy them and move on at her own pace.I believe that if it is something Emily really wants to do she will be motivated enough and would not need pushing. 

Sarah suggested Emily might like to join them for a trek first as a more informal introduction.
We went last Saturday. Emily was paired with a young girl called Emily,who would hold a lead rein and a horse called Shelly:-)She rode off with the biggest grin on her face....

She was buzzing when they got back in.She had helped unsaddle and feed Shelly and she liked Emily who was a lovely girl with a very gentle personality.Sarah was very pleased with her ability and made Emily feel so good about herself.
We decided we could fit in another trek before going on holiday and went today.She had another great time and was on the same horse and Emily lead her again.
We have decided that a trek and a lesson each month would be a good combination because she really loves been out on the land around Ennerdale.

It is not the cheapest of activities at £21 an hour but worth so much more to see her enthusiasm.There will be juggling to do and savings to be made so we can go a couple of times a month.


Hannah said...

Aww fab! I can really feel your excitement from reading your post!
Horse riding is cheaper than I expected it to be

εœ‹η”·ηš“δΊ‘ said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................