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Friday, 26 March 2010

Things going swimmingly.....

My morning started slightly earlier than planned when I was woken by Alan at ten past seven.He was in full bike gear(moped)helmet and all! He had lost his bike keys and wondered if I knew where they were!!! I was unable to help and he disappeared to try and find them.I got up a little later to find a note letting me know he had had to get the bus and would be late home.

When I told Milly she went to check out his pockets and found the key within minutes in his bike jacket.We rang him to ask if he wanted us to pick him up from work and to let him know she had found them.He was baffled and said he had looked in those pockets four times!

We had a chilled out morning.
Emily has been telling stories about ghosts recently.When I saw The ghost whisper advertised on TV last week I asked her if she wanted to watch it.She fell in love with the stories and we sent for the DVDs.We have all enjoyed watching them and the second series arrived so she watched a few episodes this morning.I watched for a while then I pottered about doing jobs and got things packed up for our outing.

We left around 12.30 to meet the home ed group for a swim session.Milly got in the pool about 1.15 and got out again at 3.45!Apart from a quick pit stop for some chips she was in the water the whole time.They had a great time.The wave machine and a big slide adding to the fun.

Back home to walk Beauty and then she went to watch TV while I prepped tea.Al arrived home and I then had a big dip in energy and had to collapse on the sofa after tea.I got a second wind around 9.30 and washed the pots whilst Alan and Emily sat at the dining table and read up on looking after baby dragons:-)

Milly is looking forward to horse riding at the farm tomorrow afternoon when she goes for a trek.Whilst we are out Alan is going to help bring a piano from a friends house .It is not in perfect condition and has some issues even when tuned .It will do for now though and if Emily decides in the future to become more serious about playing we will look out for one that is in better shape.


MillieMadHatter said...

We should go swimming some other time - I enjoyed playing games with Milly. I'm in a better place self-esteem wise so I now love swimming :L:L (just not when on!!! )
Mum hates it though ... lol


Lynn said...

Great! We will plan it when we get back from Hols.xxxxx

Anonymous said...
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