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Sunday, 5 September 2010

London calling....

Colleen, The New Unschooler - who is not so new anymore - is coming to town!

I was excited quite some time ago when I got to the bottom of this blog post and she mentioned that there was a possibility she would be coming over .

Then, a while ago it became definite and they will be spending 7 weeks based in London!
They are taking the opportunity to travel around Europe,visiting Greece,France and Switzerland.and Spain they are also staying with Schuyler. Certainly packing a great deal into their stay:-)
Collen contacted me on Facebook to say they were going to go to Whitby and did we live near there.Getting from there to see us would have involved a 7 hour train journey and an hour in the car. I thought it made sense for Emily and I to take the opportunity to do something we had talked about for a while and go down to London to meet up with them!
Even though it is something we have dreamt about doing,I was pleasantly surprised when Emily agreed to go - travel is not top of her favourite things to do:-)She has known of Colleen and Jerry since we first took her out of school and I think she is very keen to meet a fellow Percy Jackson lover:-)
I have spent the day trying to work the trip out on a very tight budget.Initially I wanted to stay 3 or 4 nights,which would have enabled me to pace myself a bit better - but costs were too high so I have had to trim it back to 2 nights.
I think I have managed it and will be booking the train tickets and Travelodge room once I have had a chance to go through the details with Alan.My menopausal brain is playing very silly games on me and I don't trust myself to do it without making a mistake-like booking the wrong date of something! The last holiday I booked online I was onto the final booking page when I realised I was booking for 2011 instead of 2010!!Much safer to get them checked first...
 I am really looking forward to meeting Colleen and Jerry.I left it far too late to invite them to stay with us ( I had thought I had invited them when we started emailing about the trip but it seems I had the thought and didn't follow through with the action!) I have invited them to travel back up with us and stay but they have to leave on the 1st Nov so that is unlikely.Maybe another time...
It is taking me far out of my comfort zone to make this trip on my own - which is no bad thing.
I am excited and nervous in equal measure :-)

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