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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Yurt holiday - first couple of days....

We arrived after a very short drive from home - with a stop over at Hayes Garden world for a cuppa, cake and browse - the place is enormous!! Milly fell in love with a rabbit that reminded her of Liz and talked keenly about getting two for her 13th Birthday! By the end of the visit the idea of having a snake ( they even stock those! )  had also been talked about - we have a while til her birthday and things may change again ;-))

On to the site and after booking in at reception we headed out to the field. Ben the owner met us as we were getting out of the car. It was pouring with rain and he had his waterproofs on - but no shoes! He wanders around cutting up wood and driving his land rover barefoot - a kindred spirit for Emily ;-))

I forgot to take a picture on arrival - I was in need of oxygen half way up the steep climb and pictures were the last thing on my mind ;-)) We had managed to pack light - well lighter than last time and only had to make two trips from the car.To be fair that was cooler bags and bags of food as well so the actual clothing - soft toys and dolls - was fairly minimal. Could have packed less clothing - we didn't need the spares in case we got wet stuff  - and will do next time!

A picture halfway up the approach to the Yurt...
It's a long way, but oh so worth it, for the privacy it afforded at the top....

A few pictures of the yurt after we had settled in and unpacked. The solar fairy lights come on at dusk and stay on ( if you want them too ) they give a lovely glow through the night.

The single bed hides another one underneath :-) We pull it out slightly and make a kind of sofa to sit on.

The most wonderful wood burner..

to toast your toes by :-)

I had marinaded chicken in oil, lemon and garlic before setting off from home - just in case we could sit out and BBQ. Not to be - no probs - just fried them off on the two ring hob and added a little stock and the marinade - that simmered away and reduced. The
 pan then sat on top of the log burner to keep warm whilst the potatoes ( I had par boiled at home ) were fried off to make little roasties for a young lady who LOVES roasties :-) A few veg boiled up and voila supper in the glow of fairy lights...

Day two saw us walking in the rain to Ambleside along the old coffin route.

A wander round, then into the coop where we picked up some steaks and after that went shopping for a water proof for Emily, who had grown since the last time she had worn the one we brought from home! She also saw a baggy men's T Shirt she loved. It had a VW van on and was made of organic velvety soft cotton .

The route home and the clouds were gathering.

Lot's of time to stop and admire the surroundings.

And finally to trek the hill home :-)

The evening faired up and after a meal and a chill out Emily and I set off to explore the grounds.

Play area for us then.

Milly took this as I was recovering after I had managed to trip and fall flat on my behind

down this slope ! I heard an almighty crack in my ankle and thought I must have broken something!

 Miraculously - apart from a slight pain when moving in a certain direction - I was fine to carry on :-)


Follow me...

A little tower to sit and watch the water and look out into the woods.

An interesting felted, woven curtain had been added - perfect little peepholes ...

Mum, I'll go this way and meet you back at the Yurt. OK then !

Wander back through the woods to the whooshing sound of the streams, and cascading waterfalls.

Back home to sit round the outside fire.

toasting dirty wet toes:-)

Playing catch in the dusky light.  

 In your nightie and wellies - what else?

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