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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Yurt holiday - last couple of days...

A wet start to the Wednesday morning.
However we had planned a hike up a hill to find a plunge pool and the weather is never a barrier to Emily when the chance of a paddle is on offer ;-)

Off we go up the hill....

With the amount of water we had had in the last few days the falls were quite dramatic.

Half way hot chocolate.

Then onwards and upwards, through bluebell strewn landscape.

We come to the style ( as per instructions ) but couldn't see a path forward. By this time I was tiring and did not fancy going over what looked like very marshy terrain. After a dither about where to go and what to do Milly was keen to just get on and explore so we took the opposite route and found tree's to climb

and streams to be dammed.

More hot chocolate and then back home - a different route that was just as nice but much easier on the legs :-)

Past the unusual tree with another tree growing up it.

Back home in time to get things sorted for my sister and Nephew to pay us a visit.
The day had cleared up nicely and the sun came out so we were able to eat out. It soon clouded over and got too cold, so the three adults went in whilst Milly and A went exploring. A really lovely evening - just a pity poor old C ( brother in law ) was poorly and couldn't make it.

The next day dawned and was the brightest day we had had :-) After all my exertions the day before I had a migraine and Milly and I had a very chilled start to the day in the yurt whilst Al walked to Ambleside to get the paper and a few bits of food we needed.

After lunch he and Milly decided they would try to find the plunge pool. I stayed in bed but had the door open so I could still enjoy the lovely weather.

Pictures taken by Milly and Alan...

Found it!

Very cold and very deep apparently.

Back home and I was feeling more human but didn't feel up to cooking so Alan went out for fish and chips and we had our daily family crossword challenge ( a part of the holiday last year that Milly really wanted to do again ) and then more of the card game of the holiday - Black jack - Milly loved it and had an uncanny amount of luck at getting 21!
We enjoyed watching a few campers setting up in the field below us. A really beautiful evening to finish our stay.

One last look.

We will be going back....

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Anonymous said...

Your holiday destination looks wonderfully wild. Glad you had a lovely time ... :0)