"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Thursday, 2 June 2011


The long awaited two night sleepover is here !!

In preperation I had a very, very chilled day yesterday :-)
Apart from a quick whiz round with the vacum and getting meals for us, I managed to have a long bath and read my book and potter on the puter - there was an amazing amount of very interesting links and inspirational writing out there.
 We had to go out when Al got home. Both animals had an appointment at the vets - they needed the annual innoculations  - and I had a Dr's app. Animals got jabbed and I have an xray booked to check for arthiritis in my hip :-(

After tea Milly and El were chatting on the phone and Al was watching TV so I decided to change the template on my blog - I have been unhappy with the look for a while but couldn't find what I was looking for. I spent HOURS on it. The preview window on the template designer wasn't showing the changes so I had to do a bit and then apply it and check the blog out. So time consuming!!! I am pleased with the result though :-)

Visitors arrived for lunch and the afternoon flew by with girls in and out and roundabout :-) Lot's of chat and Pizza for tea and then goodbye to El's Mum and sister and on with the sleepover.

El lives a couple of hours drive away and we try to get together at least once a month and the girls talk A LOT on the phone each day - thank goodness we have free anytime calls :-)  Plans for tomorrow include going for a swim and baking a cake ( I have a few bits and peices I have put together for them if they flag or run out of ideas ) and other than that we will just go with the flow :-)

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