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Monday, 27 June 2011

Whirly, twirly, adrenaline rush!

Our annual trip to Ripon to stay in my Aunts house whilst they are away in sunny Malta.
The first morning dawned clear and dry ( forecast for the week was dreadful - rain, rain, and more rain ) so we decided to head to Lightwater Valley to feed Milly's love of whirling, twirling, and speeding machines :-) 

Leading the way - can't wait to get to the Ultimate...

The longest roller coaster in Europe ( was the longest in the world til 2001 ) and the ride lasts for about 7 mins...

On the way she decided to whet her appetite and get the adrenaline flowing ;-)

Dad along for the ride...

Yep, that did the trick...

  I joined the que with Milly and Alan.
 Milly knew I was not really keen and was going to do it for her. She laid her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye as she assured me I didn't have to do it and should only do it if I really wanted to - bless her!
 I decided not to do it and watched from a safe distance as the cars slowly climbed the first part of the track.

She came running out full of joy, only to run straight back in again for another go round!

More twirling - on a couple of water rides - with me. On a smaller roller coaster ( a couple of times ) - by herself.

Having walked the length of the park we decided to head back and eat.
After lunch we walked back to the Ultimate but a que had formed and Milly wasn't keen to wait. She was disappointed but decided to add a new thrill ride to her list and went on the Eagles claw with Al.  Amy had gone on it last time Alan had brought them both, but Milly had not wanted to go on at that time. She was terrified at first but as the ride ended she was hooked and went on many more times :-)
Alan managed another few times with her but as the afternoon wore on he became a little green around the gills and Milly was happy enough to go on rides by herself....

A good day out, and the weather held, couldn't ask for more really - although an adrenaline junky friend would be a good addition I think :-)  Gearing up for a trip to Blackpool with friends later in the year so that will be covered ;-))  Milly is talking of the Big one and other rides with great excitement!!

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