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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Animals and Arachnids

We met up with Liz and the girls at Trotters Animal park on Tuesday.

We got to the pay desk to find the soft play area was closed :-(
Shame because it is nice to have a break in there for some indoor play and  - as was the case on a wet and windy Tuesday - a warm up. A very nice surprise when we paid to find that this month they had a children go free offer on - that more than made up for it :-))

Started off with a cuppa and for the youngest member of the party..... a marshmallow mountain :-)

We had a lovely time and El ended up having an impromptu overnight stay with us.

The giddy factor was HIGH!!!! They hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks.
Milly hadn't slept well the night before and had been up early and you would have thought she had had a drink!

Milly made cookies all by herself - a first she was very proud of even if she didn't like the finished product - didn't stop her having a couple though :-) We enjoyed them.

I left them at 12 and went to bed. I rarely get to sleep til I hear them come up though. I think I was in a half sleep when I heard them come up and shortly afterwards felt Al get up. A while later I heard what sounded like crying in the hallway so I rushed up to see what the matter was. Milly was hyperventilating and El was comforting her.
 A rather large spider had decided to join them in the bedroom :-(
I couldn't see a thing - no glasses on - and had to balance on the bed and a ledge and use the spider catcher whilst reaching over the bookcase high on the wall. Precarious position and a delicate operation to maneuver the spider catcher around to shut the sliding bit without dropping the spider. I am not a fan of them either.
I managed it though and then the girls told me that they had had to wake Alan shortly before as there had been another one. They thought he might have lied about finding it putting it out of the window and this was the same spider. I said I didn't think he would do that because he knows how scared she is. Now was not the time for discussion though as by now it was about 4am and I was very keen for them to get back into bed so I could do the same :-)

A quiet morning although El was awake at about 10 and that meant Milly had to be too :-)
We met up with Liz and Catharine mid afternoon at a halfway point to hand back El :-)

Whilst waiting in the car park for Liz to arrive...... giddyness took over again.

Coffee, scones and chat before saying our goodbyes.

A flying visit to Aldi and a quick stop at my Sisters <3 on the way home.
Milly interogated Alan about the spider when we got in and believes he did find one and that it was just a busy night for spiders in her room :-( She is on a blowup bed in our room til we can clear everything out of her room, hoover, dust and put it all back in again. She might just be able to go back in then.

After tea Milly had a bath with lavender oil in and was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. I thought I wouldn't be long after her but aching/restless legs are not conducive to comfort so I am taking the opportunity to catch up here :-)

Milly came back down after a couple of hours as she had woke and couldn't get back to sleep. She was peckish so asked if we could do pancakes together. 11 o'clock!! I wasn't keen initially it has to be said however it didn't take long at all and I am happy to facilitate her growing independance in the cooking department - even at odd hours :-)

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dawny said...

i recognise some cheeky faces :-) pleased you all had a good time xx