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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Over the last week I have made the ebay selling into a very streamlined process:-) I just can't help it organisation is my middle name - I can't not organise  - it just happens ;-)) When you have little energy anything that makes things easier is a huge advantage and over the years I have become adept at making things easy:-)
 I washed a pile of things one day then Mum, Alan and I ironed them the next.
 I then spent a few days taking photos and recording the details of each item and postage costs on paper before putting them in a clean plastic bag. These in turn go in a large cardboard box and I now have a head start on items ready to list.

I list a few each morning - after a bit of a break whilst I had to go about increasing the amount I can list each month - and check messages etc on and off during the day. I parcel items each evening and try to post each day. I have posted off about 12 items so far. I have literally hundreds of things to sell and it is a time consuming process - especially if you have messages to answer etc.
Over time this week I have refined things so I have a box ready with all the things I need. I have my camera and lead, with spare batteries. A white table cover to use as a back drop. Sender labels printed and cut ready to stick on parcels. Pens, pencils and tape measure. Thank you notes created, printed and cut to size ready to go. sellotape and brown tape -  Mum has just rung today to say Lidl have a parcel tape dispenser and 2 rolls of tape for £3.49 so I asked her to get me one and that will save time too. I have a file to keep all the invoices in with proof of postage stapled on. I have a hole punch and stapler in the box with spare staples ready. I am going to make up a spread sheet to keep track of all the sales, fees and profit.

I am away for a few days and when I get back I will wash and iron a few items at a time to add to the box of items ready to list. I also need to sort out the spare room and get a pasting table in there and keep all the bags of things ready to be washed under it and the boxes of things ready to go in there too. I can set the table up to be able to take pictures and parcel things up so I have everything in one place. Then we can get the dining room table back in action :-)

 By doing this it should just fit into my day to day life and I can do it in easy stages without it taking over.



dawny said...

you make it sound sooo easy !! x

Lynn said...

Lol! I think I am hard wired to organise Dawny ;-))

dawny said...

And I'm hard wired to make a mess lol xx

Big mamma frog said...

Wow you are a human whirlwind!

I've done quite a bit of Ebaying, but never really got it down to a good system. It all happens of course, but just not as smoothly as it could lol! But then the things I'm posting are usually massive and involve lots of fiddling around with parcelforce. Leastways, that's my excuse!

Lily said...

well done Lynn! I did similar when I was Ebaying.

However, without a spare room to keep all the stuff I ended up running out of tolerance for the space restrictions. After 6 months or so I gace what remained to the Oxfam shop.

What struck me at the time was how some things went far more cheaply than I expected and others got me silly money (I had some 'Fireman Sam' DVDs that raised around £10 each when I'd paid a no more than £1 for them each).

Hope you have some equally sought after items!