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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Back home....

We have been back from Centreparcs for 4 days after a wonderfully relaxing break.

Long lie ins reading, drinking tea, sunny and unseasonably warm days, brunch before heading out to the pool via a walk round the lake. Spending at least 6 hours a day in the pool area - armed with bottles of water, flasks of tea and coffee, soft drinks for Milly and snacks and sandwiches for us all made for a very frugal stay too :-)

Milly loves the slides and is more than happy to spend the days in the pools. We find ourselves a cosy spot near the quieter pools at the top and set up camp before taking turns to spend time with her - one of us is then able to read and relax. Alan can do the slides as well as the rapids etc. My time with her is spent in the outdoor pool ( we love this in the dark ) and floating around the variety of smaller pools and jaccuzi areas,  it has an all together more sedate vibe :-))) 

She is often happy to go around by herself so Al and I get to spend some time together too.

An added bonus on the Wed night was that she met another girl on the slides who turned out to be home educated and lived near our friends in the northeast :-) A very happy Milly spent the next two days getting to know T :-)

Back home and straight into prepping Milly's room to be decorated.

Milly and I went to Carlisle yesterday.
 She had an app with the orthodontist so we decided to take the opportunity to go shopping and buy some furnishings. The initial scheme of vintage had changed and I spent the morning searching the Internet to find appropriate curtains to fit in with her ideas. I found some and we set off with the new theme in mind - not saying what it is yet as I am sure Milly will want to wait til it is complete :-) As we looked through the aisles the theme changed again as she saw a bedding set that she liked t was blue floral with matching curtains, a striped quilted throw and pillow slips. It was very pretty and we loaded it into the trolley before setting off to look for cushions and a throw.
As we walked round it became obvious that the theme she had in mind when we set off was the one she really wanted so we ended up getting some pretty ornaments that fitted the theme and putting the bedding and curtains back :-)
I had woken with a Migraine and we had set off later than initially planned and I was concerned I would be unwell during the day. No need to have worried though, the day was fabulous, full of fun and lots of laughter even though the actual product we purchased was on the light side :-)

Milly's room has now been cleared and furniture is being sanded, picture frames are being repainted and new pictures sourced and some art for canvases is in the pipeline.

Sanding in your nightie!

Pictures ready to be revamped.

Sand a little...

Then leave it to the experts and retire to your hammock :-)

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