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Friday, 2 May 2008

Good friends,playdates,fall outs and garden bliss.

I have finally managed to spend some "real" time in the veg garden.Since I last wrote about the plans we have to turn the whole of the side garden over to veg and fruit over the next couple of years, the weather has been terrible and on the dry days I have always been doing something else and had no energy left to start in the garden.

Well today everything slotted together nicely;-))

I was hanging my washing out this morning and I heard Milly saying hello to someone,my initial instinct was to dive into the shrubbery,I had just got out of the shower and my hair was fluffy and spiky without the aid of wax and I had no makeup on and the oldest and baggiest pair of joggers I own,so looking really good the last thing I needed was to have to talk to someone, but that was exactly what I was going to have to do:-(

Luckily it was my good friend and her kids walking past and she was in a similarly elegant state.She had her hood up to hide the fact her hair hadn't yet been washed and she had no make up on so we made a great pair.We chatted for ages while the kids sat at the front and played,and then they invited Emily to go round to play on their allotment for an hour after lunch,which is just what she did.While she was away I decided to have half an hour in the garden,oh what bliss to be out in the sun with my hands in the soil.

I was due to go and meet A off the school bus with Emily and then stay at her house with them till her mum got home from college.Just as I was about to set off L my friend rang to say she was back early and had seen Emily at the allotments and she could stay with her and I didn't need to go to the bus stop. YAHOOO, I then managed to plant seeds,carrots,beetroot,cut and come again lettuce, fill some tubs with parsley and lavender, plant some thyme in the gravel area and prepare another raised bed for planting,and sit in the back garden for 15 minutes just day dreaming listening to the birds and loving every minute.

Alan came home from work and after a quick breather set about clearing a large bed in the side garden of very established herbaceous planting, a really tough back breaking job,necessary though as that is where our sweetcorn,pots, rhubarb,beans,peas, and broccoli will be going.We managed to have a row over where he should put all the plants( we have tried very hard to give them away but no takers)he was piling them up at the top of the garden, behind some trellis that started off 9 years ago as our compost area, but rapidly became a hellhole with any crap from the garden dumped up there.In my mind not the best thing to add more crap up there,I voiced my opinion and narky pants took offence and downed tools and took the dog for a walk......

Whilst he was gone I sorted the problem,and when he got back explained that we could pile it in the side garden and take it to the tip next week when he is off.He had to question whether they would take it at the tip of course,then admitted it was a sensible idea,so back on speaking terms again we carried on;-))

We got a lot done and by the time Emily got home at seven we were both on our last legs!!!!But oh the sense of acheivment,I love our garden.


Grit said...

seriously impressive. can we have pictures of growing veg? i could show them to our courgette seeds.

Claire said...

Sounds like you have been really hard at it there!

I'm pleased you're back on speaking terms :-)

Shirl said...

Just found your blog. I had ME for 6 years so understand completely the small simple pleasures like being able to sit in the garden with the sun on your face.

Do you know about Freecycle? There is always interest on there for free plants/seeds and most other things you need to clear out.


Good luck with your veggies!... :0)


Lynn said...

Grit,I will bear that in mind and when I get some new growth I will put it straight on here to encourage those courgettes if they haven't shown any signs by then;-))xx

Claire,we are like kids at times and you would think after 26 years we would quit the bickering but it continues;-)) the good thing is we don't bother to spend time sulking now and just get over it, so some growth then!!!xx

DOH,(slaps forhead)of course, the obvious answer.No good on this occasion but will certainly remember next time.Nice to meet you xx