"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Weekly catch up....

This week has flown by.We have enjoyed the weather and spent lot's of time in the garden both working and relaxing.Milly has requested lot's of reading and when possible I have managed to read whilst lying on a lounger catching the sun;-))

I had a blip over the last couple of days as my period finally arrived and after feeling loving and giving for quite a while,changed overnight into the fire breathing dragon with murderous mood swings and severe irritability.Not too proud of myself on occasions and feel guilty about my lack of patience and the burning need to be left alone.I hate that this keeps happening and that Emily ends up being the one that suffers,well actually not just Emily ,the relationship between the two of us also suffers....

Things we got up to this week.Or at least the things I can remember!!!

A nice quiet day at home on Monday, spent mostly in the garden.Milly has been really into story tapes and re reading the roman mysteries series and has turned down many suggestions to do other things,TV has played a very small role this week there have been many days she has not watched any at all. I have read a lot of one Roman Mystery book and when I have been unable to read for whatever reason she has put on the CD story of another roman mysteries tale and listened to that whilst swinging outside.

I went to my monthly meditation meeting on Tuesday.
Had a good natter and a short meditation, we really should meet more often then we might not have quite so much to talk about, what am I saying we would probably still spend the time chatting:-)) Emily spent time with Granny and Granddad and then we went to look after my nephew after school.

Home Ed group for a couple of hours on Wed lunchtime we took Milly's teenager friend with us while her mum and brother stayed home and then went back to her house with some of the others for a chat while the kids played in the garden.

Thursday I was due to have a tooth out but woke with a migraine probably brought on because I was panicking about having the tooth out!! Anyway I cancelled and will now have to wait till July to have it removed.Milly and I spent time in the garden when the headache had eased off a bit.Milly was very needy and kept asking me to read as we had got to an exciting part in the story, I was in a p***y mood and was not as kind as I could have been and we had a tetchy day.

Luckily feeling a little better on Friday, as we had arranged to go out with a friend and her two to The Heavy Horse centre. I drove and after a detour into town so we could both get some cash(both very unorganised people who often get places without a penny in our purses!!)we arrived in time for a carriage ride, not a heavy horse pulling this one but a nippy little pony in a small carriage, we loved the ride but it was even better when we got back in to the barn and it took off and cornered at speed, great fun!!!!Lunch in the cafe and the kids enjoyed playing in the playground and looking at the pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds that were around there. The pigs were so cute and really chatty with lots of grunting;-)))
The proprietor then gave a talk as the different breeds were brought in to the barn. There were clydsdales,Shires,Percheron,Ardennes and the rare Suffolk Punch. They are amazing horses and the guy was a real character, so very entertaining. Then on to a large carriage pulled by two Clydesdales and the kids loved it. We then had a cuppa and a chat to the staff while the kids played in the park just outside the cafe.Back home in time for Emily to meet A off the school bus to go for tea at her house and then I went off shopping.

On my way back through the village I noticed some boys in the field behind a wall and as I passed they threw a large balloon filled with water that banged into the windscreen and burst,I was scared out of my wits and it could so easily have caused an accident, I pulled in to our drive ,they had obviously gone but had they been around I am not too sure I would have been able to contain my anger at such a stupid and dangerous stunt.
I was going to call the police but it would serve no purpose as I had no identification and they had gone from the scene.

Some time ago a family was moved into a local housing authority house and we heard real horror stories about drug dealing and stealing and the sons carrying knives . There was a village meeting to see if the decision could be reversed but it was too late as they had already been given the keys.At the time there was a lot of talk about giving them a chance.It has taken a few months but the behaviour of the two sons and their influence on the local teenagers has become a real problem and alongside drinking in the park til late at night playing loud music and leaving bottles etc strewn around, sleeping out in the play park and setting fire to the bandstand in the kids play area, they are terrorising people who have called the police out due to their anti social behaviour .It is getting out of hand and our small village has gone from a quiet and friendly place to one where you never know where the next damage is going to happen.I am going to report what happened but after attending meetings with the local community policeman we really are fighting a loosing battle,these kids are streetwise and know what little the police can actually do,it will just get added to the growing list of anti social behaviour that is being reported.

A couple of people in the village who work with youth offenders have set up a youth club type meeting on a Thursday evening and hope that through forming a relationship with them they will feel part of the community ,not victimised as they said they felt, because they were getting blamed for everything that went wrong. I think some of the teens involved may have got out of their depth and would be glad to step back from the trouble but the two boys with the alleged drug dealing father may not be as easy to persuade that being part of a community is a good thing to be. Time will tell, all I know is that as the lighter nights have arrived their presence on the streets has increased and the cars speeding through the village have also increased.

I had planned to take Emily out to a local small animal farm on Saturday but woke with another Migraine, I asked if she wanted to go and she said she did but wanted what was best for me, bless her. I had a bath but felt no better so had to get in to bed.She settled me in and got me extra blankets and pillows and decided she would get my lunch,it was 11.15 by now.She made her speciality toasted cheese sandwich,a mini flake, a bag of buttons, a bag of crisps and half an apple which she had cut and cored herself.I have to say as I was lying there I did debate whether I should go down to ensure there was no blood shed but decided that would do more harm than if she did cut herself!!! She did nick her finger but she was so proud of herself for looking after me. She apologised that it wasn’t the most healthy meal but I said that didn’t matter a jot and ate the lot.Al came home from work at two and I finally managed to get up at tea time and sat to watch Dr Who with them.

Today we went over to my sisters to meet Buttons the donkey, it was a family affair we drove my other sister and nephew over and Mum and dad came for lunch as well. Buttons is adorable, a chocolate brown colour with a white muzzle and so calm and placid.,Meg has softened toward him and now lets him sleep in the stable and will stand near him outside. My sister made a great lunch, then out near the donkey's in the field, to play badminton and Boule I had a game of Boule with Al ,then Emily and I had a game but she spent most of her time either with the donkeys or sitting on a high wall talking with Pan ( her daemon) she is listening to the Amber spyglass story tapes of the final part of the Northern lights trilogy and daemons are playing a large part in our lives again,not that they ever actually went away!!! She has not heard the second book yet but doesn't mind at all and said she will just get it from the library and either listen to tapes if they have them or we could read it to her.


Michelle said...

Marcus was on a bike ride yesterday and some teenage kids had laid branches across the road at the bottom of a hill to catch the cyclists. Really stupid and dangerous.

Sorry you've had a hormonally, headachy week. xx

Claire said...

Sounds like it's been a difficult week in many respects. I can relate to the yearning to be alone at certain times. Perhaps we need a moonlodge especially for hormonal home edding mums, lol.

Lynn said...

Glad to say it has passed over now,big black bloody cloud, be glad when they finish altogether;-)

Seems we can't escape anti social behaviour and dangerous, mindless acts anywhere. xx

Lynn said...

love the sound of that LOL xx