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Monday, 19 January 2009

Adapting a recipe !! Or just bad planning?

I plan a weekly menu each Sunday and make a shopping list up from that and for tea tonight the plan was Butternut squash and blue cheese risotto.

OK into the cupboard to get the arborio rice,ummm I was sure I had a bag in there!!
Google to see if normal rice can be used.My suspicions were confirmed,seems it could but would not be creamy,not wanting to spend all that time slowly adding stock and not ending up with a lovely creamy goo.what else to do?
Put the rice and stock with wine in a casserole and put in oven to cook slowly while squash and onion cooking off in olive oil.Got wine, no veg stock powder left(somebody? had left the tub in the cupboard but there was no powder left in!!) so have to use chicken stock cube.Add squash mixture to rice when cooked and allow rice to cook a bit longer soaking up stock juices and squash juices.Looking good.Get out blue cheese to crumble in,doesn't smell right at all and on closer inspection I find that is because it is way past it's sell by date.Throw it away and use goats cheese instead!! Zest and juice of a lemon and viola. An adapted version and not a risotto but blooming tasty non the less.

OK so the Menu making and list writing should also include a rather more in depth investigation of what is actually in my cupboard!! I always intend to check on things after I have written the list but then something else comes along and I forget!! This happens quite often and I like to think of it as a game of invention;-)

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Sam said...

GOOD adaption. That's dinner tomorrow sorted, thank you :-)

I was doing quite well at weekly/monthly planning, and ordering a food delivery to match, but I seem to have rather fallen off the wagon.
Hmmm...must try harder...next month ;-)