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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Quick catch up

We were both feeling quite a bit better last week and on the Tuesday we had quite a bit of shopping to do around town so had invited E (teenage friend) to come with us.She likes to go around the shops and the two of them spent ages in Claire's accessories and Emily chose 5 books from the pound book shop.She has a real love of books and we went into oxfam the next day and we came out with 5 more!! I have so many books on my Amazon list that I think she would like and we have loads she got for Christmas.So many books and it seems so little time to read them in!!It doesn't do any harm to have a good selection and luckily most of them are suitable up to teenage years so maybe we will get on to them.By lunch time we had stopped at Morrison's to eat and a sleepover plan was hatched.After yet more shopping we went to pick up her overnight stuff and then back home where we had a really nice evening.Milly didn't move her mattress into the spare room to sleep with E as she was tired and wanted to sleep with us, she decided to go to bed around 10 so E and I sat up watching a film.She is a lovely girl and easy company.We took her to Home ed group the next day to hand her back over to Mum:-)
We invited her to go out with us again on the Thursday and she ended up staying over again.

On the Saturday Emily and I went off to visit a friend who used to help me out when Emily was born.She had been childminder to my nephew since he was a baby and would come over and do my ironing so I could rest. As time went on we employed her to look after Emily so I was able to rest when my ME was at it's worst.She is like part of the family and as good as an Aunt to Emily.She had come out of hospital having had a gallbladder removed and a kidney.The operations were done at the same time using keyhole surgery and she had recovered in double quick time.She used to manage a local group and mentioned that they were playing a nearby venue and children of 10 could go.Emily has been keen to see them because of H's connection with them and as it is near her birthday decided that it would be good to take E and A and then have a sleepover.So that looks as though it is going to happen,just got to get the tickets.

Quiet day on Sunday (Al worked til 2 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday)I was beginning to feel low and could not motivate myself to do anything.

Monday and Emily had an app with Judith for some more Cranial Osteopathy.Bit of shopping and lunch out then home to watch a film.Both Emily and I were under the weather again and my cough had got worse and was keeping me a wake at night.
Non day on Tuesday,lots of TV and not much else.

Wed Home ed group.Plenty of running around for the children and we all had a good chat.I had been going to call my Homeopath for advice about my cough as I couldn't work out from my books which the best remedy would be( I always find coughs hard to self prescribe as there seem to be so many variables) but luckily one of the Mums is a Homeopath and told me the best Remedy to take for my cough:-)Only had three doses and there is already a significant improvement.

A was coming for tea on Wed and E was invited and was due to sleepover.Both her Mum and I suggested it might be an idea to leave a spare overnight bag at our for any sleepovers in the future that are not planned,so she arrived with that and I will make some room in one of Emily's drawers for her.The evening went well and they walked A home at 7 and came back and we had a chat and then I flaked out in the living room while they drew and played charades and Cadoo with Al.Around 10 Al went off to bed and Emily came through to sort out a film for us to watch,she mentioned that E was feeling unwell.Won't go into too much detail but it was a problem she has had all her life and we rang her mum who came to pick her up,she needed to get antibiotics which they had at home.When I phoned this morning M had decided to take her straight to cue doc and they had checked her out and given antibiotics and she was still quite poorly but not in as much pain.By this evening she was eating well and although still poorly was much better.

Had another rubbish day today.Milly has watched far too much TV which in itself is not a problem, but I feel guilty that I didn't try to offer any alternatives cos I just needed some time on my own.I had a bath and read a book which is unheard of in the daytime.We went to look after my Nephew for a while after school and got a lesson in Xbox games.They are fascinating and I can understand the appeal although I am lost and can't imagine being able to control the many elements of the game.Milly is so uninterested in gaming and even her DS is likely to be sold as she wants a laptop and she so rarely plays with it.I want to hang on to it for a while as it may be something she will go back to.

I realised tonight why I have been so low when I came on which combined with a horrible cold is enough to knock me for six.I was due to go to a Meditation group meeting tonight but just felt too low.I am going to get in another bath(can't seem to stay warm) and have an early night and hope to wake up feeling better tomorrow.xx


Shirl said...

So sorry to read that you aren't well; get well soon!

For a number of reasons I have decided to go private on my blog. If you'd like to continue reading and I hope you do, drop me an email and I'll send you out an invite: indigoshirl@gmail.com

Michelle said...

Do hope you will be well soon!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you guys had loads of fun!
I don't think you should feel bad about "taking days off". No one should!
:) - feeling poorly, or not!

I hope you're feeling much better now!

Lynn said...

Thanks Shirl and Michelle xx

You are of course right Stephanie:-) Thanks for your support.

Living with chronic fatigue means I can get very low very quickly and then focus on my limitations instead of remembering I am human and we do all need a break!!xx