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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I love our life

Had a great day today.After a rather hectic start to the day(had to be out by 9.45 and I usually take quite a while to get going in the mornings!)making a picnic and gathering things we would need like spare clothes,wellies,water shoes, etc etc.

A group of us are gathering regularly at a local farm.We have use of a camping barn with log fire or if that is in use we can use another barn/workshop.There is plenty of outside space the children are free to play in, a wooded hillside with dens and apparently, according to the children, monsters, and a stream where they can paddle.

The stream was off limits today though as Douglas a manx sheep was in amorous mood and was proving to be very bad tempered and had taken to charging people who went in the field!! Apparently he usually has a very sweet temperament:-)

Four and a half hours of play,walking in the woods searching out mushrooms,chatting with friends,eating lunch together with a log fire crackling,watching the animals in the feilds,throwing sticks for the dogs. Many more visits in the future to look forward too,with the prospect of some craft on occasions and maybe cold winter days playing games in front of the fire.Admiring the fantastic lakeland scenery surrounding us,seeing things changing with the seasons and being out in it,living in it.

I love our life.


Hearty Homeschoolers said...

I love your life too, it was a brilliant day so happy to have shared it with you.
The tractor express will live in my memory for a long long time! m x

Hannah said...

Fantastic post! I really enjoyed reading it :o)