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Monday, 21 September 2009

Sleepover fashion show posers!!

A was interested in my blog when she saw me making the slide show. I said that although I had written about her, I had never posted a picture and would have to ask her mum before posting a picture as she may not want one on here.A said "You could have one of me facing away from the camera" I said I would do a slide show if they wanted to take pictures during the night of the sleepover.Off they went with the camera.Took a couple of photos and some video clips that we can't get to work.

Not enough to do a slide show really but here they are posing :-))


MilliiMorgue said...

Looks like fun :L
We should make a runway in the caravan and do a 'holiday fashions' show!!

Happy Birthday ! xx

Lynn said...

Good idea;-)
Thanks,had a good day but missed you hope it all went ok? xx