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Sunday, 31 January 2010

The purple palace!

A busy day today.Emily has had a full play day with her best friend.They had a great time last night.They began making dresses for a doll that Emily had bought yesterday.Hours later they were still making and photographing their creations ,coming through to share each creation with us.They have a box full of hand made couture outfits:-)

 After pancakes here they left around 11 this morning to go to A's house.We saw them on and off during the day,they popped back in with A's younger brother who had requested a visit to see our house:-) They have been to the park with him and Emily's arms are aching because they played 123 swing with him all the way to and from the park:-)

Alan and I have managed to get the house straight!!
Here are some pics of our efforts.

Through the door into the Purple Palace!

The £20 bargain dressing table....

Bookcase and toy storage,a work in progress.More books to be chosen from downstairs and picture frames to be sprayed black and art to be made for them.

Trinkets bought by good friends displayed on the dressing table.Jewellry all untangled and hung awaiting an outing.

Precious dolls and teddies displayed for play.Petz and Rodney are pottery bears that were bought by a very close friend for Emily's first birthday.They have been kept safe on a high shelf til now.Here they are fulfilling their purpose as book ends.

The star christmas decoration she bought and an angel in a globe to look down on her.An angel in a glass bauble makes two.

A makeshift double bed with a very happy Emily.

Still finishing touches to do.An electrician is needed to put this up.


The bed to go up on Tuesday,

and underbed storage for soft toys to be purchased.

It has been a great deal of hard work but so worth it.From start to finish Emily has been in charge of design and has been involved in all purchases with the budget in mind.She knew how she wanted things to look and has managed to move it from her imagination to reality.She has real flair for design :-)


K said...

Wow, what a gorgeous room. I absolutely LOVE the colour, am very jealous!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful purple palace. Love the bargain dressing table ... :0)