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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Moving on in her own time...

An at home day today after a couple of busy days.Monday was at home but there was a lot to do to finalise things in Emily's room and I had paperwork and household things to clear.I also made a pork and apple curry for Tuesdays tea.

Tuesday we made a visit to my Mum and Dads for lunch and then into Carlisle with Mum so that Emily could buy two toys from the Disney store.I had a few jobs to do and then met them at my sisters shop.My sister and her husband had gone for a late lunch so we never got to see them:-(
As the visit to Carlisle had been a spur of the moment thing I forgot to tell them we would be popping in.
Mum had driven us in so it limited the amount of driving I had to do.After shopping we stopped off briefly to show grandad the new additions to the soft toy family:-)

We set off to go to Workington to get some things and decided to have an early tea at Morrisons.It was well after five before we got home.The bed had been delivered before we set off.It had been due to be delivered on Monday and we waited in for it.We had a call to say the van had broken down and the next available delivery day was Wed.We were not happy because it was our Home ed group day but didn't want to wait til next week.We were putting our shoes on to go to my Mums on Tues when the phone rang. It was the delivery driver saying he would be with us within the hour! I was not at all impressed but it seemed worth waiting and getting to my mums later.I rang the shop to find out what was going on,but had to leave a message.
We got back from my mums to a message from the dlievery firm to say our bed was due to be delivered on the Wed between 12 and 6!! Seems the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing!!

 Alan and Emily started to put it up while I made Als tea.

On the Sunday after we had got Emily's room sorted we laid two mattresses on the floor as she wanted to feel what it would be like to have a double bed:-)

We were surprised when she said she would try sleeping there,didn't say anything obviously.That night she decided to go up to bed around 10.She never asked for anyone to go with her.She went to listen to Breaking Dawn on her MP3 and was snoring when I went in the bath at 11.30 :-)
She was soooo proud of herself the next morning.The second night she was a little more apprehensive ,but we talked about the options she had if she was unsettled and off she went all by herself again!

This is a girl who never went to bed by herself.She liked one of us to go with her.She was scared on her own.

The idea to decorate her room was hers.In all the discussions about her having a double bed she was talking about moving out of our room.We listened and shared her excitement but never made a big thing out of it.All the plans about decorations and colours were hers.She really owns this room.On the Sunday when she saw it all put together she was nearly crying with joy.
She was ready to move out,she was in control and the transition was painless.

The excitement levels were high putting the bed up yesterday!! She has hardly got out of the bed or her room since :-))
Here she is playing her DS,listening to a story CD tonight,having spent most of the day in her room!

She came through to me this morning(we had decided not to go to home ed group as she wanted to spend time in her room) and got into bed with me and after a cuddle asked me if I wanted to try her bed out:-) I did and then it seemed I began to get too comfy:-) She asked me to leave, as she wanted to listen to her Mp3 for a while!

We played in her room for a while after breakfast and then I got round to spraying some old picture frames black and sourcing some pictures online to go in them.Blue moon,Manga girl and Spirited away image.They have turned out quite well.

These two are waiting to go up tomorrow.I added some purple tissue paper hearts to these frames and sealed them with PVA glue.


We had lunch and then walked Beauty whilst playing a game involving us both being Vampires.We had a good hour out. Back home and I went in a bath and read my book for a while before getting out and putting a play list Emily had made onto her MP3.While I was doing that snow began falling and Emily decided to go out in her dressing gown.
The first I knew was when she threw a snowball at the window!


She had a swing and a bounce before coming in again.

Pottering until Al came home then tea and helping Alan to wire up all her lights and CD player.Her room only has two sockets near her bed and therefore requires extensions on most of the lights etc.They had music on loud and got the job done by 7.30,just in time for a tickle fight :-)


Julia said...

New room looks and sounds fabulous :) Well done to all!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Emily is so enjoying her new room ... :0)

These frames you made look lovely.

Shirl x

Hannah said...

Emily is so lucky to have such supportive and patient parents - good for you all :o)