"Although I speak from my own experience, I feel that no one has the right to impose his or her beliefs on another person. I will not propose to you that my way is best. The decision is up to you. If you find some point which may be suitable for you, then you can carry out experiments for yourself. If you find that it is off no use, then you can discard it." Dalai Lama...

Thursday, 11 February 2010

May cat, a poem by Milly

Dog paws dance on floor
May cat sees them all
May cat sits in the window
and sits and sits and stares
May cat walks along the pathway
and dog paw prints lead the way to heaven
dog prints walk along the path
as humans kiss and shout
May cat walks behind October dog
as his prints run ahead
leading him far away
where people are not there
May cat runs ahead of october dog
and leads him past hell
she will not take him there because October dog was good
May cat never tires of her long and trusty job 
May cat is an angel cat
and so
there is the end.