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Friday, 12 February 2010

Todays bargains:-)

 More goodies from Impact housing:-)

Popped in today to see if they had any bedside tables and found these two needing a little loving attention.Not too sure what colour to do them,Emily says it should be the duck egg blue I have all the accessories in our room but I am leaning towards white, so they will not need to be changed if the colour scheme changes.
We have also been looking for rugs for Emily's room and she has fallen in love with a few soft furry rugs but they have been too expensive.A perfect furry (synthetic ) rug was found today.
Al has managed to break a couple of dinner plates over the last few months and finding 6 of these will do nicely to replace them with a few left over for any future breakages:-)
£13.00 for all the above!

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Millie<3Niall said...

It was meant to be! :L xx